Monday, 4 November 2019

Barr To Announce Federal Regulations Banning Sharia Law In USA

All of America has seen on television and on the internet what Sharia Law does. It is cruel. It is monstrous. It ha medieval. Its the antithesis of our values in America and in all of the western world.

Attorney General Barr knows all of this and wants to make sure it never arrives on our shores so the Justice Department is currently drafting new federal laws that would ban any and all aspects of the Code anywhere in America. He is expected to make an announcement regarding this on Monday morning in a nationally televised address.

The ramifications of this ban are vast and complicated in how their laws related to our own. Under the ban, child abuse will become legal, as will animal cruelty. Murder will be decriminalized and theft will be encouraged. Sexual assault will be expected.

Any acts of forgiveness will become illegal and charities will cease to exist. Education of any kind will have to be outlawed and police forces disbanded. The Rule of Law can no longer have a place in America.

Religion will be banished, any type of practice of faith, declared taboo. Should one meet a stranger on the streets, one should use ill manners and beat him, for politeness and peace will no longer be accepted in society.

Any violations of the above will be punishable by the law, though implementation would be troublesome since, as was previously stated, laws and law enforcement would be no longer. As you can see, this is where the complexity sets in.

Doubtless, AG Barr is aware of all this and has a plan. He has a great legal mind. He’s the best. That’s why President Trump hired him.

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