Thursday, 24 October 2019

Actor Sean Penn Suggests He Wants to Assassinate President Trump

Kirsters Baish| The liberals in America don’t seem to mind that their political party is essentially one giant double standard. They enforce different rules for conservatives than they do for liberals. Liberals like Obama are able to associate with bigots like Farrakhan, but if a conservative so much as likes a tweet that came from someone who so much as unknowingly sat in a room with a white supremacist twenty years ago, the left would flip. Something isn’t right here.

Liberals don’t mind when other liberals make jokes about murdering conservatives, including President Trump. Ultra liberal actor Sean Penn recently opened up on camera to say what he would like to do to President Trump.

The Daily Mail reported:

Actor Sean Penn’s debut novel’s main character calls for the assassination of the president and dares the commander in chief to ‘Tweet me, b****’, can reveal.

The two-time Oscar winner’s 176-page fiction, titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is about a ‘modern American man, entrepreneur, and part-time assassin’.

The main character, septic tank cleaner Bob Honey, tells tales of working with military contractors in Iraq, being employed by the government to kill the nation’s resource-draining elderly, and meeting an El Chapo-esque drug lord who had just escaped prison.

Penn found the gonzo journalism-style novel in audio form back in 2016 under the pseudonym “Pappy Pariah.” So, Sean Penn is publishing a book about murdering the President of our country, and the left doesn’t care. It’s actually likely that they’ll praise Penn for his book.

Sean Penn isn’t the only actor who has talked about killing Trump either. Johnny Depp has talked about it as well.

Business Insider reported that Johnny Depp appeared at Glastonbury Festival’s Cineramageddon in Britain. He began talking politics in front of an audience of 1,500 people and spoke about a hypothetical assassination of President Trump. 

The Guardian reported that Depp stated, “It is just a question – I’m not insinuating anything. By the way, this is going to be in the press. It will be horrible. I like that you are all a part of it.”

Depp went on, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Obviously Depp thinks it’s funny to talk about something that could get him in a lot of trouble.

Penn is probably going to play this off as “art” or a joke, but the truth of the matter is that the liberal left really does want Trump dead.

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