Sunday, 1 September 2019

MUSIC: King Mack - Shouldn't Be Lonely

King Mack - Shouldn't Be Lonely: Singer / Song writer Siran Rashad Mack ( A.K.A King Mack. which means 'Ruler's Son )
was born on December, 11th 1991 in Mcleod Hospital in Florence, South Carolina. He's  been singing ever since the humble age of two. He atarted off singing on the youth choir at St. Matthew A.M.E. in Hamer, South Carolina. He also played football for Dillon High,  but he let it go to further  pursue God's purpose for his life, which is his destiny with music. 

He has tried out for American idol 2010 season and went pretty far, but had to stop due to an unfortunate situation. what makes king Mack different from all other Artists, is that he has created a totally NEW feel of music. A feel that makes people actually listen to the music as well as relate to it. it's as if his music makes them whole. same say he's like Michael Jackson in another realm. 

He has performed at many venues in South Carolina and is now preparing for future shows in Atlanta. Ga. He has tons of projects he's working on. and is also building a team of supporters  along the way. keep your eye open because King Mack is truly about to surprise millions in a great way. #MackMusick

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