Thursday, 27 June 2019

Cultism A Terrible Association; Who Will End This Madness In Africa?

As many youths fight to engage in horrific associations, those hobnobbing's! usually life-wired by intentional criminality;often manned by morally expired dissident's who aspire mostly for nothing superlative other than muscular leadership; endangered by lack of emotional intelligence -  now, the virtue killer of my people.

You want to boast as a cultist? You want to belong in that for which many  had unsubscribed their social networks from? You want to own illegal weaponry and brandish illegality in the face of diversity? You want to be considered a war lord in a no war situation? you like to be seen as tough even when being soft would have made the difference?

Many years ago, we had a date with cultism. Cultism i said -not brotherhood! We landed languorously in a remote corridor of no where, our boots soaked with vanity of our shameful pride; a stint we never ever would be proud of no matter our divides... 

Our consciousness was withdrawn from the status of  serenity to the burden of salaciousness. Nobody told us that cultism will dissipate the network of our brotherhood and relegate our net worth, until  the other side fired the first shot ; and the other side, and the other side so it became a challenge...

Morality was our code of conduct as people of opulent societies in those days of societal serenity. But this was to soon give way to immorality as cultism infiltrated our communities.

Acts that violated our socially agreed conventions became the pastimes. Immorality:  the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. 

We soon became the captains of our humanities, living in the prison of our own created boundaries. This is the  immorality of basing the defense of  our  community  on the threat of mutually assured false conviction in t
secret societies. 

It happened to us! Community made us reasonable but secret societies made us lazy to think. We left our reasoning faculties and embraced indolence of the mind; that which tinctured many to grow their muscles instead of their brains and minds, that which sugar coated our fantasy.

Our youths are now controlled by fear of the unknown instead of faith, belief and struggle for difference and many a youth rigmarole ideologically for want of meaning in this vanity concept called cultism. A waste of time😴

It took away the peace of Ndokwa land, the glory of hardworking brothers and sisters in Delta state, Nigeria and Africa ;  heroism is now all about occultism?  fight for your vanity seems the glory and the pains of disaster the story.

Brothers killing brothers make more sense these days than brothers helping brothers to win uh? Security is now the big deal. No one knows any more! 

Cultism has lacerated the cord of our community quietness and the onlookers think this a technical matter of civility...

We where once peaceful in Ndokwa land until  leaders and followers decided to share pleasantries with social injustice, until they told the young ones the lies that cultism breeds connectivity, and that to belong in cultism was fun. So, we strive to wake up from these lies...

But what if we make a u turn and give reason a chance? What if our society can stop promoting individuality without purpose? What if our movie industries stop placing sacred attachment to the nefarious acts of occultism?

What if we go back to the drawing board where  student unionism was a street show from which fun was derived? What if we play politics without cultism and evade overt display of impulse of weapon strength and not reason?

What if we strike as one and win our common enemies like;lack of early education, poverty, no social amenities , social injustice, hate speech, jealousy, greed and bad leadership?

What if Cultism is a mirage and what if you renounce and stop the craze? 

Originally Written by Wise Prince Ajede
A Socio-political philosopher, Child education advocate, An investigative Journalist and a Chartered Socio-political Mediator from Nigeria.

You can reach him via: [email protected]

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