Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Read What Bishop Oyedepo Said About Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Private Jet

Bishop David Oyedepo has reacted to the news of Apostle John Suleman joining the league of pastors in Nigeria with a private jet.
According to Oyedepo, it is a welcomed development as he’s also planning to acquire more private jets to make work easier for the pastors in his ministry.
He said:-
“I’m glad when the media insists we have 8 aircraft….but very soon, all our pastors will be flying and we’ll have (aircraft) hangars in all the airports in Nigeria,”
“It thrills me anytime I hear our pilots requesting clearance to taxi to DOMINION Hangar….I think to myself ‘who dash monkey banana? A church also having a hangar?’
“Even (Air-Traffic) Controllers always tell him to ‘help us greet Papa oh.”

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