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On Regina Daniel's Love Story; People's Right To Privacy Should Be Respected - Says Many Nigerian Readers

Regina Daniel's love and gift story- people's Privacy should be respected says many Nigerian supporters

Regina Daniels and Hon Prince Ned Nwoko an internationally acclaimed philanthropist who has affected many Anioma people in particular and Africans in general with his philantropic gesture, have received supports from their numerous fans as controversies trail the recently trending love story between Prince Ned Nwoko and actress Regina Daniels. 

In the very brief trend-styled love story, it was alleged that the Anioma born billionaire in foreign currencies; Prince Ned Nwoko was the golden man behind Regina Daniel's sudden exotic lifestyle.

However, while many bloggers took turns to write their various imaginative love story about the duo, XclusiveVibes Nigeria Metro discovered that many supporters and admirers of the Star Prince and Regina Daniels had shun the love tales of some gist mill bloggers by absorbing the duo of any social wrong for whatever relationship status they may have been engaged in.

For many supporters of the duo, it is not in any way unlawful for the duo to have any love thing in common; as against some of the views of the gossip media practitioners. For the many supporters of Regina Daniels and Prince Ned Nwoko, privacy of adult individuals must be respected as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution no matter what any hater thinks. 

Some of the views expressed by some Nigeria and international observers and fans includes but not limited to the following;

"What is the business of any blogger if Regina bought Rolex or an exotic car? Abeg make una park well noni 😃" Ayo Ayokole from UK. 
"People should learn to discuss business instead of gossip,  Ok now that We know the source of Regina's wealth, can we just move forward in this country? Why are we so pained that she has exotic lifestyle? oligos fire..." Ifybest Sochukwu -  from Lagos 
"Hahahaha instablog and tatafo una nor go mind una business Abi? Clear road for Prince Ned Nwoko the Anioma Star man joo ... too much money baba " Uche Nwandu- from Asaba

"Eludumare punish poverty in my life, nor be person wealth I wan discuss... God bless Regina more joor" Kessington Efe- Lagos

"This  love story  na April fool" - John Okorie from Portharcourt
"Adults have the right and priviledges to their privacy and private life as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution I think people should learn to mind their businesses mbok"  Kate Kasali- Abuja  
"And so what ? .
The story is a non issue even when it's true.
Those said to be involved are consenting adults and so far, there's no form of crime committed by any of the personae involved
 It's their private life and they should be allowed to enjoy it. Please.
 It has become expedient to state categorically that, although Ned is a politician, who is just driven by the passion to serve his own people selflessly in the Senate however, nonetheless, he  has neither held any government office nor enjoyed any government patronages whatsoever ever since 1999 that , he was elected into the Federal House of Representatives till date.
So, it's within his rights to  legitimately associate with anyone else and to the legitimate enjoyment of his hard earned money the way he deems fit to.
So, this story should be treated as a non issue.  Periods.
Thank you for your continued understanding." - Oyana Alphonsus- from Asaba. 
"Make una go sleep abeg! So what is wrong if Regina receives airplane as gift from her billionaire lover? - Ama Muhammed from Kano

However, a chat with an insider in the Ned's socio political dynasty  reviewed  the possibility that the Star Prince of Anioma land Hon Prince Ned Nwoko  and Regina Daniels may have played  love prank on the Nigeria bloggers using  the recently trending love story between himself and Regina Daniel as a yardstick but the question again is what is wrong if one receives gift from a lover?

When contacted, the S.A Media to the Hon Prince Ned Nwoko; Comr Wise Prince Ajede informed our team that for his Boss, all news is good news if the news is not fake and malicious. According to him, it is not a big news that my Boss gifted Regina Daniels with any material or monetory gift; it shouldn't be a big deal for a man who had given to the poor and needy to give something worthwhile to Miss Regina Daniels who is a tarlented Nigerian Star and family too. My boss has given alot to his people and I believe that his private life should also be respected. 

This is a man that recently gave out 100million naira for the reconstruction of a federal road in Delta state and also released another 59 million Naira as scholarship grant to aid his Anioma and Delta state students under his Foundation. These are worth talking about but some of my blog cum media friends will never trend these for reasons best known to them... but then, why should people's legitimate private lives stand paramount in the mind of some individuals if not for gossip? 

Let me shock you guys the more, what if i tell you that Regina Daniels is engaged to my Boss? What if i tell you that this trending  love story is not necessary ? Oh wait for a bigger news... just wait lols... One thing must be noted here, Star Prince Ned Nwoko has sponsored many movies, educational events and gifted many individuals with gifts with no strings attached but that is not also the big news; just wait for the big news soon. I also  implore bloggers and news men to always verify their stories from the right sources before going on air to avoid unwarranted misgivings. Wise Ajede said, while smiling on the other end of the phone.

For us, we can categorically state that this trending love gist between Prince Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels have been met with counter trends against the backdrop of  the law of privacy. As  opinion poll shows that many Nigerians seems highly unintrested in the privacy of the two consenting adults. The duo are two consenting adults and if they decide to love themselves, what is wrong with it? 

Just like the S.A Media to the Hon Prince Ned Nwoko stated via the phone, we await the bigger story but what could that be? Another Scholarship program? Commissioning of the stars university as sponsored and built by Prince Ned or marriage? Whatever it is, we believe that people have rights to their privacy too.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a vibrant Anioma legal luminary, a philantropist and sports lover whose goodwill gesture towards his people of Anioma land has earned him more accolades than criticism amongst his kinsmen and many Africans in the diaspora.

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