Sunday, 10 March 2019

Pere Music Talks Career In Anticipation Of His New Single

Once again, here's our interview session conducted by one of our (XclusiveVibes Nigeria) representatives, this time with Pere Music — prolific Port Harcourt based gospel artiste.

The excerpt entails: 

Hello, Pere Music.

Welcome to XclusiveVibes Nigeria interview session.

Thank You.

I'm glad to have you here with us.

I'm glad to be a part of it.

What we have been seeing is: Pere Music, Pere Music; we'd love to know more than a little about you.

Okay. I am a songwriter, singer, composer and producer. I've written songs for people in Ghana and I've also helped arranged songs for people in Nigeria. I love music in general. I love all genres of music, that's why I added music to my name, because it comprises of the genre. I love God and I love to teach, too (Leadership, music etc)

Well, that's awesome. But, we are sure that music isn't your surname, since your stage name is Pere Music. We want to know who Pere Music is — your full name, where you come from, and the rest.

My name is Peredesbofa Kubor: Kubor is my surname while Peredesbofa is my name. I am from Bayelsa State, but I was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Yes, that's what we want to know. Because your fans would definitely want to know these, or isn't that true?

Yes, it is.

So, how did you discover your talent? How did it all begin?

It started 2011, when I joined a local church choir named Love Assembly Mission at 54 Harold Wilson Drive. I was a dancer before, a very good one. But, I never knew I had the gift of singing, too, in me until I joined the choir. Since from then, I grew rapidly in music, and I'm still growing till date. 

In the gospel music industry, who do you love learning from?

Deitrick Haddon and Marvin Sapp

Although I learn from so many persons too but these are my main role models or teachers in music

Great! Great! Now, back to this tune of yours, which we've been anticipating. Can we know the inspiration behind it?

Its a song channelled towards people who are going through difficulties  in life, hardship, delays etc.. The song gives listeners a re-assurance of Gods promises to his children.. Telling them that if He has said something or promised us something... No matter the challenge and delays we face His word will definitely come to pass in our lives... So that's where the scripture Numbers 23:19 came from...

So, what do you want people anticipating it to expect? When is the release date?

Excellent music in terms of the instrumentation, vocals etc...

For the release date am not too certain yet but it will be this month maybe 19th or some other date. But definitely this month.

They should also expect inspiring lyrics.

That's great! So, what are your words for other gospel artistes out there?

Don't have any words for them o.

Seriously, you don't have any word of advice for them!

Seriously, I don't.

What can you say about XclusiveVibes Nigeria?

XclusiveVibes Nigeria is an awesome brand. I heard about it from a friend, I think it's already an household name.

Okay, Sir! Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to honour our invitation for this interview. It has been great having you here.

Thank you, too.

So, that ends the interview! The link will be out by tomorrow!

Okay, Sir. Thank you

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