Tuesday, 8 January 2019

"We Must Build A New Society Away From Motorcycle Empowerment And Beer Politics From Our Current Leaders. - Dr. Asu Yakubu Shendam (2019 Quotes)


As we all keep our fingers crossed in view of the 2019 general elections, Out team of Media experts got audience granted with The Flag bearer of the New Generation Party (NGP) and he has this to say.

This is my pledge to my people if elected I will spend 70% of my constituency allowance on Education there's no constituency project more then Educating your people. Out of the 70%,  50% will go to Technology, Aviation and Aeronautics engineering, Civil and mechanical, pipeline, and medical students. 20% goes to Sport's Development while the remaining 30% goes to rural communities and human services development. We must Build a New society away from motorcycles Empowerment and Beer politics of Our current leaders.

We also have developed a swap program with Israelis farmers to develop our Banana farmers and pineapple farmers in BOKI to encourage high breeds and exports. Boki/Ikom belongs to Nigeria most enriched region we  have No business with poverty what we lack is Bad or poor Representation which i stand to contribute. Vote Dr Asu Yakubu Shendam former National Youth President of Nigeria, for House of Representatives Boki/Ikom Federal constituency 2019. In God we Trust

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