Sunday, 24 June 2018

In Anticipation Of A Debut Single; Here's A Little To Know About Nerd Empire

Have you heard of a brand, which currently was nominated for an award, Best Entertainment Crew in RSU precisely? 

This brand commenced a few months ago, if not over year ago, and it's speedily dominating.

The heat from your curiosity to know the brand's name can be felt from even another planet away. 

Well, that fire will be quenched soon. 


Introducing, Nerd Empire, an entertainment Brand focussed on serving the best desired service; on a 100% scale, it can be said of 60% how this brand is becoming an household name.

A colossal amount of attention was acquired by Nerd Empire right after they kicked off, following the level of vocal prowess the artistes, who they signed, attain.
To disclose further, Nerd Empire has, so far, signed two artistes: Middy & Elvcee; one producer: KleverKay; HypeLady: Nimi the Bossy Lady; 3 Social Media Influencers & 2 Board of Directors. 

Waiting to know the name of the Founder/CEO, right? 

Wait no more! 

He is Mr Paul Hutton, the prominent CEO and Founder of, you're right—Nerd Empire.

And one more thing; this time, a Big news! 

The Big news is, Nerd Empire has it all set for her debut single which is titled "Real Love".  


Nerd Empire is here to stay!

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