Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Man Arrests Slay Queen Who Stole His Wristwatches Worth $2,400 (Watch Video)

A yet to be identified Nigerian man has set up two slay queens for arrest after one of them allegedly stole from him wristwatches worth $2,400 each.
According to him, he met one of the girls at the Atm point close to his house, they exchange contact and began chatting on Facebook.
Their relationship began getting stronger as they continued chatting on Facebook. A few days later, she texted the victim that she wanted to spend quality time with him at his place.
Unknowingly for him, her intentions were to steal. To cut the story short, she stole two wristwatches from his place alleged to worth $1,200 each.
After successfully stealing from him, she blocked him on Facebook. Then he tried setting her up, so he could get her arrested, which he did.
He tracked her via one of her friends, the other lady putting on glass in the video.
Watch the video below;

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