Monday, 26 March 2018

Daddy Freeze Reaction To Dangote Daughter’s Wedding

Daddy Freeze has gone on social media to analyze Dangote daughter’s wedding that held over the weekend.
He wrote:
#FAMIL2018 #LessonsLearnt.
1: One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, was one of the most humble in his dressing.
2: Money and power know no religion.
3: The usual showbiz social butterflies and event whores, whored from their homes. (Mention one person who falls into this cathegory)😜
4: Those of from lesson (3) above, who managed to attend, where humbled and subdued, only managing to whimper on social media.
5: There was segregation…. REAL money was successfully quarantined away from entertainment money.🤣
6: If this could be done successfully in Nigeria, why are some people running abroad?🙄
7: Dangote has sent wedding planners back to the drawing boards.
8: All it took to slay a slay queen this weekend, was to show her an invite to this wedding.😂
9: The bride and the groom were stunning… and despite the tremendous amount of wealth, both stayed #Humble #HappyPeople
10: The party is over now…. get back to work… if you want to be like Bill Gates or Dangote and have a wedding like this for your children, tomorrow is Monday and a perfect place to start putting those dreams into perspective and those plans Into action. ~FRZ

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