Saturday, 9 December 2017

Man Hangs Himself On A Tree At Lagos Airport Way This Morning (Graphic Photos)

According to a user on Nairaland:
I was coming back home from Lagos airport Ikeja this morning after dropping off my siblings , saw crowds gathered at National junction opposite conoil filling station so I stopped by to see what was going on .. 
I was shocked to see the lifeless body of a young handsome man dangling on a tree tied to a rope. 
This was my first time of seeing such unfortubate incident as these .. I almost burst into tears because these is a human being like me.
What could have made him commit suicide ?
I think the government of today should be blamed for the high rate of suicide cases which ha escalated in recent time.
The men of the Nigerian police force MMA branch are already on ground to the their job.
RIP Man.
Too early and too late for him.

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