Sunday, 17 December 2017

Attack President Buhari And Other Bad Politicians Not Pastors - Samklef Shades Daddy Freeze

You elected people into government to build roads, electricity and other critical infrastructures, provide jobs and enabling environment for business... they are failing you daily, looting in Billions, yet you are afraid to confront them because they can jail you.

Your easy target is Pastors.
It is ok for you to see a 25 years old boy singing about sex and ladies private parts chilling in a Private Jet, but when you see a 70 years old PhD holder who left his job as HOD to serve God - when your own father was busy sleeping with different women - take a ride in a private jet it becomes headache to you.

Please you need Deliverance from such stupid mindset and from those making you think so shallow. God help you.

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