Monday, 1 May 2017

Birthday Wishes: Thank You God For My Birthday Today

Birthday Wishes: Thank You God For My Birthday

I ascribe all the glory, honour, praise, adoration unto your name for beginning a blissful and prolific fresh 365days in my life. You always comfort me anything I'm weak and weary that's why I won't seize to say Thank you God for my birthday.

I'm alive today because God kept me, and if not for his grace I wouldn't have come this far. Saying thank you to God for my birthday is a practice I'll never stop doing even as I grow old.

Thank you for making today memorable, thank you for making me feel loved, I now believe I have people who care for me, I don't know what I would have made out of today without you sending wishes, text messages, gifts to mention but few, I may not have enough in cash to pay you back one by one but all I can say is 'God bless you' unlimited.

Thanks to my silly but real friends who splashed buckets and sachets of water on me just to mark this Day with me. I was dress up on a neat & colourful clothe, made sure I was glittering, while still around my friends something cold descended on me, took me a split second to realize that it was water. This single act shows me I'm loved and always remembered. God Bless you my friends.

Thank you God for my Birthday! If I don't thank God who will? Nobody, wait.. I have friends who I can guess they did same for me and get it right. I thank God for love, prosperity and wisdom.

I appreciate each and everyone who remembered to beep my Social Media account(s) inbox, I couldn't scroll freely, my phone was hanging profusely due to the amount of messages that came in, if I try replying them I won't be able to finish all but I'm really happy.

Waking up from the bed to realize that, I just began on a fresh slate gives me the motivation to keep the fire burning in what I do. God's grace has kept me thus far, if it were just by my strength, I would have crashed a long time ago. Praise God! 

For the sight you've given to me through my eyes, the ears you've given to me to listen, the hands you've provided for me to work to this day, I appreciate you, my Lord. Thank you God for my Birthday today!

Your grace which is evident in my life has made a lot of things possible for me, so I can't afford to go through this day without thank you God for your grace. I appreciate you for my birthday!

Provisions like food, shelter, clothes and whatnot, are given by only one person, and that is you, my dear Lord. And, through these ways, you've made them available; on this note, I am here to say thank you for another birthday.

Even though I've got mouth all over my body, it still won't be enough to express how grateful I am to you in words, but with the one I have, I say thank you for my birthday today.

Countless persons couldn't see this day but you made the breath of life still available for me. Who am I without you, Lord? I say thank you, Lord.

I have faced rough moments, pain and agony; anytime I look around, I see nobody but God who's always there to comfort me, that's why I set aside this birthday for you.

Oh Lord, you said you died on the cross to take away our sins, so I don't want to follow the activities of the world in celebration of my birthday, I want to reverence you today to show gratitude for all you've done.

I bow before your throne, I worship at your feet, bow before your throne, you are a glorious God. I sing these words to you because you deserve it. Thank you for my birthday.

You are God from beginning to the end, nobody, I repeat, nobody can ever take your place in my life. What you've done for me is unimaginable, so on that note, I say thank you God for my Birthday!

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