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MUSIC: Nazzy Berry x Telly - Position (Prod. By Da Onums)

Prolific songwriter, Nazzy Berry comes through with this jam titled “POSITION.” He featured another talented musician known as “Telly.”

Mixed & Masterminded by Da Onums

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Ex Clinton adviser tells Hillary: ‘Go home, and shut your mouth’

“Go home. Close the door. Shut your mouth. Be quiet. And just forget about this,” said Doug Schoen on Tuesday, Nov. 12, when Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked what his advice would be for his former client, Hillary Clinton.

The former adviser to Clinton and veteran Democratic strategist did not hesitate nor mince his words with his pointed reply. “I mean, she lost when she shouldn’t have lost,” said Schoen.

“Everything she said recently has been nuts,” added Schoen, who made a guest appearance on Fox News “The Ingraham Angle” show when he offered the pointed advice.

The former secretary of state and two-time Democratic presidential candidate is flirting with the possibility of a 2020 presidential bid and has hinted that she has not completely ruled out the likelihood of a third White House bid.

She claimed this week, “many people” are encouraging her to run for the 2020 presidential race.

“I, as I say, never, never, never say never,” replied Clinton, when asked about the prospect of running in 2020 during a BBC Radio “5 Live” program on Tuesday.

“I will certainly tell you, I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it,” continued Clinton, although she remarked it is not her plans at this point in time.

Schoen’s opinion about Clinton’s potential was clearly not what Clinton’s supporters wanted to hear.

However, even some of the staunchest of Clinton’s supporters would agree that Schoen has a point.

Former Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said she would “ankle dive at the door” to prevent it.

“If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door to not allow her to do it because I love her too much,” said Palmieri, according to a Fox news report back in July this year.

Another former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris, who worked for President Bill Clinton, stated that former Vice President Joe Biden’s candidacy is blocking the way for Clinton’s re-entering the race.

“She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it. But she’s hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad,” Morris radio host John Catsimatidis.

Schoen had served as an adviser and pollster for Bill and Hillary Clinton during their years in the White House. He was a contributor for Fox News and also The Hill.

“I remain a Democrat and proud of the work I did for six years for President Bill Clinton between 1994 and 2000 and I write with extreme sadness,” Schoen wrote in the 2016 article for The Hill explaining why he could not support Clinton at the time.

“But I cannot in the waning days of the election make the case that Secretary Clinton should be elected,” continued Schoen. Because of the scandals linked to her and her private email use as secretary of state, all of which gave her too much baggage to be effective as the president.
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Trump unveils new rules for health care, insurance price disclosures

The Trump administration issued new rules Friday to require insurers and hospitals to disclose upfront the prices for routine health care tests and procedures, aiming to lower costs.

Speaking at a White House event, President Trump said consumers have a right to know what health care services will cost beforehand, so they can shop around.

“Hospitals will soon be required to publish the price of everything from individual medical supplies to the total cost of common procedures,” the president said. “After many years, we will have transparency.”

The health care industry is promising a fight. A coalition of major hospital groups said it will go to court to block the rules, which would be phased in over about one year.

A final rule issued Friday would apply to hospitals, and a proposed regulation would apply to insurance plans. Disclosure requirements for hospitals would not take effect until 2021; for insurers, the timing is unclear. The requirements do not directly affect doctors.

The president said the rules will allow patients to find the best value for services that can vary wildly in price.

“For decades, hospitals, insurance companies, lobbyists, and special interests have hidden prices from consumers so they could drive up costs for you,” Mr. Trump said. “And you had no idea what was happening. You’d get bills that were unbelievable and you have no idea why. For example, researchers found that for the same MRI at the same hospital, patients were charged anywhere from $248 to $2,500. So, 10 times more, at the same hospital.”

He said sarcastically that insurance companies will “be thrilled” with price transparency for out-of-pocket costs and other information.

“American patients have been at the mercy of a shadowy system with little access to the information they need to make decisions about their own care,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said, pointing out that many hospital procedures are scheduled in advance, and that gives patients a chance to shop around.
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Franklin Graham Calls On Nation To Pray For Trump As Impeachment Effort Gains Speed

Evangelist Franklin Graham is asking the nation to pray for President Trump as the impeachment inquiry continues, accompanied by nonstop media coverage.

“This is a sad day for America,” Mr. Graham said in a statement shared on social media. “Our politics in this country has hit a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her followers in Congress have weaponized the impeachment process. After two years of the Russia collusion hoax, now they’ve turned to this.

“In my opinion, asking another country to investigate corruption is a good thing — not a bad thing. This is just another attempt to tarnish and embarrass the President before the next election. We have so many problems in this nation that need to be addressed. Instead the Democrats are fixated on only one thing — removing President Donald J. Trump from office,” the pastor continued, also citing first lady Melania Trump.

“Pray for President Trump today, for God to give him wisdom, protection, and guide each and every step he takes. I pray that he and Melania will sense the presence of the Lord through this unjust inquisition,” Mr. Graham said.

This not the first time he has brought a faith dynamic to Mr. Trump’s presidency.

On the night before Americans went to the polls in the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Graham called for the faithful to pray for America, and then go vote. He had a clear comment following Mr. Trump’s victory.

“Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media keep asking ‘How did this happen?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ‘How did we miss this?’ Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor,” Mr. Graham said in the immediate aftermath.

He also called for public prayer during the midterm election and during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court.
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Brother of late civil rights activist Medgar Evers endorses Trump

“I think he’s the best one right now,” Evers, 93, told The Post. “He’s someone like me: he speaks from the hip. He’s not a politician.”

Evers said the Mississippi economy would benefit from a president who could bring back industries that have fled overseas.

“We need more and more jobs. Unemployment is way up here,” he said. “He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.”

Evers also tried to dispel notions that the real-estate mogul is a bigot.

“I see nothing to show he is a racist,” Evers said. “I don’t want any party to assume they’ve got all the black vote.”

Evers added, “All of us got a little racism — including me.’’

The former mayor claimed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has done little for the black community and her marriage to Bill Clinton would derail her campaign.

“She got another problem trying keep him straight — how’s she gonna try to keep the country straight?” Evers said.

Mississippi will hold its GOP primary Tuesday and the latest poll shows Trump leading there by a wide margin.

Medgar Evers had worked tirelessly in the South against segregation and for voting rights. He was assassinated by a white ­supremacist in 1963.

Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is named in his honor.


The endorsement from Charles Evers comes just days after Trump was criticized for not immediately disavowing former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke’s endorsement of him.

“I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” Trump said on CNN.

“So I don’t know. I don’t know — did he ­endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists.”

Since those remarks, Trump has denounced Duke repeatedly, calling the former Klan leader “a bad person.”

Across the country, Trump’s campaign rallies have drawn Black Lives Matters protests, including Friday night in New Orleans when he was interrupted by demonstrators several times.
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Hillary Clinton Says ‘Many, Many People’ Urging Her To Run In 2020

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she had no plans to become the latest Democrat to throw her hat into an already crowded ring vying for the presidency, but said Tuesday “many, many, many people” had urged her to enter the race before 2020 filing deadlines.

“I, as I say, never, never, never say never,” Clinton, who won the popular vote in the 2016 race, but ultimately lost to President Donald Trump, told BBC Radio 5 Live on Tuesday. “I will certainly tell you I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Clinton was speaking to the BBC as part of a press tour alongside her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to promote their new project, “The Book of Gutsy Women.”

Full Story HERE
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Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Maybe it’s time for me’ to leave the U.S.

“The View” co-have Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday said a conceivable Donald Trump administration flags that “possibly now is the right time” for her to move out of the nation. Ms. Goldberg was reacting to a case by individual co-have Joy Behar that the Republican presidential leader “has a lot of Democratic propensities on the off chance that you see his record.””Tune in, he can be whatever party he needs to be,” Ms. Goldberg contributed, as indicated by a clasp gotten by Breitbart News. 

“What he can’t be is he can’t be the person that says it’s your blame stuff isn’t working. That is not the president I need. Figure out how to make stuff function.” “Be that as it may, you can’t state, ‘Goodness, you’re Lebanese or you’re dark or you’re Mexican or you’re a lady.’ Stop accusing everyone.

How about we fix the poo. Allows simply fix it,” she proceeded. “Furthermore, in the event that you can fix it, I will tune in to what you need to state. The moment you begin pointing and saying that individual is an attacker and a killer, it irritates me since I’ve been a piece of that when they simply utilize a sweeping proclamation to discuss dark individuals or when they utilize a sweeping articulation to discuss white individuals or ladies or some other gathering.

“I don’t feel that is America. I don’t need it to be America. Perhaps it’s the ideal opportunity for me to move, you know,” she included. “Try not to say that,” Ms. Behar cautioned.
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Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump should’ve known seeking foreign political aid is a crime

Peggy Noonan, who wrote brilliant speeches for President Ronald Reagan and now writes gifted columns for The Wall Street Journal, and whose friendship I have enjoyed for many years, recently put forth a hypothetical historical analogy that stopped me in my tracks.

Let's look at some background before getting to it.

The House of Representatives has adopted a resolution authorizing formal investigations into whether President Trump has committed impeachable offenses while in office. The resolution directed five House standing committees to investigate the president's behavior and to report the results of those investigations to the House Judiciary Committee.

Under House rules – enacted in January 2015, when Republicans had the majority – the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over impeachment, and it must air publicly the evidence it contends supports any articles of impeachment it may recommend to the full House.

The Constitution defines and limits the basis for impeachment as "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." In Trump's case, it is "bribery or other high crimes" that have formed the basis of the impeachment inquiry.

Thus far, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has been holding closed-door hearings gathering evidence on these two points of constitutional inquiry. Why closed-door? No prosecutor or defense counsel would or ethically could offer a witness to testify publicly in a case without first having interviewed that witness in private.

These interviews are often open-ended, and the lawyer or investigator conducting the interview does not know in advance the full extent of what the witness can provide. Secrecy at this point enhances candor and permits an honest evaluation of the witness's credibility and usefulness to the case.

How did Congress acquire impeachment evidence in the past? In the cases of Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, special prosecutors gathered evidence of presidential wrongdoing in secret and then presented that evidence to the House Judiciary Committee, which aired it publicly.

Today, even though the initial interviews of witnesses are taking place in secret, the Intelligence Committee is releasing transcripts of those interviews for the public to examine, well before it reports to the House Judiciary Committee.

We know from those transcripts that Trump's threat to hold up $391 million in military hardware and financial aid to our ally Ukraine – which is fighting a bloody war with Russia – until the Ukraine government gave him a "favor" by commencing an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, was not a one-off.

We know from the testimony of these witnesses that the demand for the favor was the end part of a months' long concerted effort run by the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani – himself now the subject of two federal criminal investigations – to use the government of Ukraine to deliver dirt on Biden for Trump's reelection campaign.

Trump has argued that this was not a quid pro quo, e.g., give me the dirt on Biden, and you will get your American aid. He makes that argument solely on an incomplete transcript of his now-infamous July 25 telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart who, when he asked for the aid, was met with the request for the favor.

Now back to Peggy Noonan. In her piece in last Saturday's Wall Street Journal, she asked how history would view President Franklin Delano Roosevelt if, when asked by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill for help fighting the Nazis in 1940, he had conditioned that aid on the provision of dirt on Wendell Willkie, Roosevelt's eventual Republican opponent in the 1940 presidential election. We would be repulsed to learn this.

Of course, Roosevelt never made such a Trumpian demand. He understood how vital the defense of Great Britain from the Nazi invasion was for humanity, for our ally and, ultimately, for American national security.

Trump's demand manifested no such Rooseveltian understanding. In fact, Trump should have known that the act of soliciting assistance for his campaign from a foreign government, whether directly by him or indirectly by Giuliani, is defined as criminal under federal law – a high crime, as the Constitution puts it.

He also should have known that refusing to perform a lawful duty, releasing the $391 million Congress had authorized until a personal favor comes his way, is also defined in federal law as criminal – bribery, as the Constitution puts it.

All of this has been laid out in the transcripts of witness interviews that will soon become public testimony. All of this has given the president's congressional supporters heartburn. They have seen the transcripts and have dropped their "no quid pro quo" argument, and now make the legally absurd contention that all evidence derived from witness interviews conducted in secret – with Republican House members present and participating – is somehow tainted and should be thrown out. Even Nixon and Clinton made no such arguments.

Then, in another pivot, congressional Republicans have argued that witnesses against Trump are secret or overt Democrats and cannot be trusted. Oy, that's why we have cross-examination. Some congressional Republicans have even threatened to out two federal employees among the witnesses whose identities are protected under the federal whistleblower statutes -- statutes that these members of Congress have sworn to uphold.

Oh, how the times have changed. Roosevelt jumped at the chance to help an ally fight a tyrant. The Noonan analogy is brilliant and telling, and the president's congressional supporters know it. That's why their defense is to attack the witnesses.

These congressional Republicans and Trump are strange but tenacious bedfellows. Three years ago, they were shouting about law and order over Hillary Clinton's emails. Today, they are shouting to let Trump be Trump. That's what happens when the facts and the law are against them.

Credit: Fox News
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Singer Sheryl Crow: ‘I Forbid My Kids To Watch TV When Trump Is On, I Prefer Classy People Like Hillary Clinton. Do You Support Her?

As of late on ABC's "The View," vocalist and Hillary Clinton fan Sheryl Crow expressed that she doesn't give her youngsters a chance to see President Donald Trump on television since she is "humiliated." 

Watch Video HERE

Crow expressed, "I traveled with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has completed a great deal of work for, similar to, 30 years for ladies and kids. Also, I couldn't care less—you know, I saw what occurred with President Obama."

"It made me wiped out. I think he drew out some genuine bias in the nation by righteousness of the way that he was the primary dark president." 
"I'm simply my psyche here. I'm seeing it with the principal female president and it sickens me."

"To the extent Trump is concerned, I met him on the arrangement of "Studio 54." It was a motion picture, and he was being his identity, which is Donald Trump, you know. He was showing up. That is me and Cindy Crawford. I'm endeavoring to look as tall as she seems to be." 
"In any case, that is the main time I've met him. Be that as it may, you know, I'm humiliated. My children, I would prefer not to go too far into it however I don't give my children a chance to sit in front of the television when he's on."

"It's simply—I need to have the capacity to state to my children, being the leader of the Unified States is the most decent position and it needs to return to that and we have to change the exchange." 
The Pop star already has said she trusts Donald Trump will be arraigned and kicked out of the White House. 

The Sufficiently solid artist, who is justified regardless of an expected $40million, today scrutinized The President's 'confused' government on ITV's Great Morning England. 

She stated: 'It's my expectation that sometime he's not in office any more, I mean the word denunciation unquestionably leaves my mouth however what we require is a working government and it's been throughout the previous 144 days only disorder.'

Crow, whose incredible granddad was congressman Charles A. Crow, said she generally expected that individuals would have confidence in the expectation Trump was putting forth them. 

'Individuals are seeking he will convey after them. There are alot of individuals who are harming in America simply like everywhere throughout the world and they had confidence in him and it's been my stress from the earliest starting point, she said.
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More Dirty Tricks: Schiff Reads Out Trump Tweet & Then Calls It ‘Intimidation’ (Video)

Was this an attack of opportunity? Or was this a deliberate setup by Dems who had nothing of substance in the first place?

Trump tweets. It’s what he does.

And the sun comes up in the East every morning. It’s what it does.

But now his tweets have found their way into the Impeachment Proceedings against him. Democrats think they’ve struck gold in their proof of his corruption.

Are they right? Or is it overblown?

And what responsibility does Schiff have for introducing it into the testimony?

Here is the exchange:

Full news HERE
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Tucker rips Pelosi for invoking prayer: She’s a ‘member of the church of partial-birth abortion’

News primetime host Tucker Carlson called out pro-abortion Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Wednesday evening for hypocrisy after she claimed that prayer has guided House Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump.

Hearings are currently underway over Trump’s request to the Ukrainian government that it investigate whether former Vice President Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor that had been investigating his son Hunter’s business dealings in the country. Democrats claim that Trump tried to withhold military aid in exchange for damaging information on a potential political opponent; the president’s defenders argue he engaged in routine negotiating in pursuit of a valid question.

Pelosi has repeatedly invoked prayer throughout the process, insisting Democrats have only moved against Trump after deep reflection and even reluctance. Carlson mocked her rhetoric during a Wednesday interview with Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH).

Carlson played a clip of Pelosi claiming she was “very prayerful, thoughtful, and actually sad today” over the supposed need for impeachment hearings. “Obviously a person of deep faith, a member of the church of partial-birth abortion, praying deeply,” he reacted sarcastically. “What do you make of that, her repeated professions of faith?”

“Well I think it’s a part of her charade,” the congressman replied. “I think about that when she says a lot of things, that she always goes back to that. Oh, she’s giddy about this, she wanted this to happen.”

“Why discredit Christianity along the way?” Carlson asked.

“Well, I find her to be very hypocritical,” Wenstrup said. “I’m a Catholic, she claims to be a Catholic, I see her on Ash Wednesday with the ashes on her forehead and I’m thinking ‘and then you wanna go out and kill babies in the womb.’”

Pelosi claims to be Catholic, yet holds a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record and supports a party platform that favors largely-unregulated, taxpayer-funded abortions at virtually any point before birth. Under her leadership, the U.S. House of Representatives has repeatedly blocked legislation to simply require medical care to infants who are delivered alive after failed abortions.

Despite her pro-abortion stance, Pelosi often flaunts her claimed faith, going so far as to claim to be more pious than the average Republican and describing the discussion of late-term abortion as “sacred ground to me.”

Watch Video HERE
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Friday, 15 November 2019

Mike Pence: ‘If We Humble Ourselves And Pray, God Will Heal Our Land’

Indiana Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence has urged fellow Americans to stop and pray for the nation at this pivotal time. Speaking at a campaign rally in Newton, Iowa Tuesday, Oct. 11, he informed Iowans, “It’d be a good time to pray for this country, in the next four weeks,” reports CNS.

“I would encourage you, if you are inclined to do as the Pence family does from time to time, to bow the head and bend the knee,” said Pence. “Pray that America will once again stand tall, stand strong,” said Governor Pence.

“‘The last best hope of earth,’ that’s what Abraham Lincoln called it. It’s still true.”

Pence concluded “So, I encourage you. Remember, what’s been true for thousands of years is still true today. That if His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray, He will hear from heaven, and He – as He’s always done before – He will heal our land. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

Now, with the inauguration just two days away, VP-elect Mike Pence has chosen the passage that these iconic comments were based on, 2 Chronicles 7:14, to be open as he places his hand on the scriptures and is sworn in as our new Vice President. Let’s pray for him as he takes this courageous step into leadership!
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Jagmeet Singh Says He Hopes Donald Trump Gets Impeached

Any Canadian PM has to have a good (or at least half-decent) relationship with the US President.

So, it’s probably a good thing that Jagmeet Singh has no chance of winning the job.

Singh was asked the first thing he would say to Trump if Singh was elected PM.

“I hope he gets impeached before I get to speak to him. I say that a little tongue-in-cheek.”

Added Singh, “It’s horrible that someone in a position of power like him would allow for kids to be stripped from the arms of their parents, from their moms. That needs to be denounced.”

Of course, since Singh claims that he wants to be PM, and would thus have to deal with Trump, it’s very foolish for him to make that comment, a point noted by Robyn Urback:

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

President Trump Fires 8,000 From Washington’s Swamp Agency – And Helps America’s Veterans

Donald just drained the swamp – in time for Veterans Day!

It’s an open secret that Washington, D.C. is infested with politicians and government workers.

The main reason they despise Donald Trump? He actually expects them to do their job.

Sadly, our best suffer thanks to this swamp. Veterans are struggling while awaiting care from our country.

President Trump refused to let that stand. He’s taken steps to make sure that, on this Veterans Day, not one hero will be forgotten.

The first step?

Getting rid of anyone that refuses to do their duty to help these men and women in need. And the tally is up to 8,000.

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president, according to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie.

“The standard is if you don’t live up to your oath if you don’t live up to the standards that our veterans expect, that you will be asked to leave,” Wilkie told reporters in a press conference on Friday. “This is a transformational moment in our history.”

Wow. Since Trump entered the White House, over 8,000 VA employees were fired.

Trump set a high standard: do your job. And over 8,000 people got pink slips.

Can you believe that? All that the president asked for was to do their job and care for our veterans.

Yet 8,000 of them were kicked to the curb because they failed to help our veterans.

Imagine a company with over 8,000 staffers not doing their jobs? It would be out of business in a month.

Yet this was how the VA was being run… for decades.

You don’t get 8,000 do-nothings overnight. These were people with job security who, for a long time, neglected our veterans. While pocketing paychecks.

Thankfully, that level of incompetence was brought to an end.

Let’s hope this is only the beginning. Every last government slacker must be replaced by people who will put America first.

And do their jobs!

SHARE to thank Trump for helping our veterans AND draining the swamp!
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Adam Schiff Threatens to Charge Trump With New Impeachable Offense

Congressman Adam Schiff threatened to charge President Trump with a new “impeachable offense” on Sunday.

Schiff threatened to add the new “impeachable offense” of obstruction of justice to the charges against President Trump.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted:The president continues to target public servants, including those who have served their country in combat, with baseless attacks.

Efforts to intimidate or threaten witnesses will further build the case for obstruction, itself an impeachable offense.

This is not the first time Democrats have threatened to impeach President Trump for Obstruction. They used the same threat multiple times during the Mueller probe when he would speak out against the investigation.

Democrats never moved forward with obstruction as an impeachable offense before, but Schiff’s declaration may signal a shift in their strategy.

Interestingly, Schiff’s declaration was almost perfectly timed with the release of this graphic from MSNBC which they aired on Sunday.

Despite the fact that the United States House of Representatives technically does not need any crime to impeach and remove a president from office, the threat to focus their impeachment on obstruction may be viewed as a weakening of their case by the Trump administration.

Currently, Adam Schiff is working to prove that President Trump abused his position for political gain by withholding military aid from Ukraine unless they agreed to investigate corruption linked to Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the best they have to go off of currently is a mix of Never-Trump DC insiders and a second-hand whistleblower report written by a registered Democrat CIA agent with connections to at least 1 candidate opposing Trump, according to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

It is likely that switching the focus of the case from abuse of power to either obstruction of justice or contempt of Congress at this point would hurt Democrats in the upcoming 2020 elections.

When President Bill Clinton was impeached by Republicans in the 90’s for lying under oath, it was Republicans who paid the political price for the failed removal in the upcoming elections. While Americans disagreed with Clinton’s personal choices, they did not believe it was enough to justify his removal from office.
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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

BOOM! President Trump Comes Up With Brilliant Idea To Keep Criminal Immigrants From Gaining Access Into America

The Trump administration has proposed hiking a range of fees assessed on those pursuing legal immigration and citizenship, asylum and other immigration-related issues.

The move is necessary and is also fairly routine.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency that is mostly funded by immigrant applicants, announced Friday that it is proposing a change to its fee structure. Namely, the agency is looking to charge foreign nationals $50 to apply for asylum, and raise the application fees for citizenship, DACA renewals, and work permits, the Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

Fees collected and deposited into the IEFA fund nearly 96% of USCIS’ budget. Unlike most government agencies, USCIS is fee-funded. Federal law requires USCIS to conduct biennial fee reviews and recommend necessary fee adjustments to ensure recovery of the full cost of administering the nation’s immigration laws, adjudicating applications and petitions, and providing the necessary infrastructure to support those activities.

“USCIS is required to examine incoming and outgoing expenditures, just like a business, and make adjustments based on that analysis. This proposed adjustment in fees would ensure more applicants cover the true cost of their applications and minimizes subsidies from an already over-extended system,” said Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of USCIS.

“Furthermore, the adjudication of immigration applications and petitions requires in-depth screening, incurring costs that must be covered by the agency, and this proposal accounts for our operational needs and better aligns our fee schedule with the costs of processing each request.”

The rule proposes adjusting USCIS IEFA fee schedules by a weighted average increase of 21% to ensure full cost recovery. Current fees would leave the agency underfunded by approximately $1.3 billion per year.

The proposed fee rule accounts for increased costs to adjudicate immigration benefit requests, detect and deter immigration fraud, and thoroughly vet applicants, petitioners, and beneficiaries.

USCIS last updated its fee structure in FY 2017, by a weighted average increase of 21%.

Currently, the cost of a citizenship application is $725 for most individuals. This fee would rise to $1,170 under the Trump administration’s proposal, according to The New York Times. The hundreds of thousands of people enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would see their renewal fee rise from $495 to $765. Additionally, work permit fees would rise to $490.

The proposed fee structure will be formally published Thursday, beginning a month-long comment period for the public before it can be enacted.

The rule changes mark the latest effort by the Trump administration to weed out immigration by low-income foreign nationals.

The White House, for example, issued a proclamation in October to deny immigrant applications to those who cannot afford health insurance, and proposed a “public charge” in August that takes into account an immigrant’s use of government benefits before granting them permanent status. Both of those measures have been blocked by federal judges.

Of course leftwing activists are complaining even though the plans make perfect sense.

“This administration is working assiduously to put up more barriers to immigrants,” said Melissa Rodgers, the director of programs at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in the ultra liberal city of San Francisco.

She described the naturalization fee increases as part of “a pattern of attack” by the Trump administration “to undermine the opportunity for immigrants to become citizens.”

“It’s saying if you aren’t wealthy, you are not welcome here,” she added.
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Jill Biden's message to Donald Trump: 'Stop it. My husband's going to beat you.'

ST. HELENA ISLAND, S.C. — Amid continuing attacks on her family, Jill Biden has a simple message for President Donald Trump: “Stop it. My husband's going to beat you.”

In an exclusive interview with NBC News on Monday, Jill Biden said that the efforts by the president and his Republican allies to draw her extended family into the campaign will backfire. But she also acknowledged that the attacks have gone beyond even what she expected.

“The fact that he attacked my son, I have never seen that in other elections, that they go after children of the candidate,” she said. “He's just trying to distract the voters. You know what Donald Trump did was wrong, flat-out wrong. Calling a foreign leader and asking them — and holding back foreign aid unless he investigated my husband, my son — that is just flat-out wrong and I think that the American people see that, I think the people in Congress see that and they're going to stand up to him.”

Her comments came as part of her first extended solo national interview of the campaign, as she stumped for her husband in this must-win state for the former vice president. And they come as the president and Republicans in Congress have called for Hunter Biden to testify in the House impeachment hearings beginning this week about his past business dealings in Ukraine.

By her own admission, Jill Biden was “never a natural as a 'political spouse,'” writing in her memoir released earlier this year that she “preferred to stay in the background” early in Joe Biden's political career and even more so when the national spotlight turned on them in 2008.

But there has been a marked change in her campaign trail performance as she shares more personal stories about her and her husband, surprising even him at an event in New Hampshire on Friday by talking about his family upbringing. She’s also shown a feistier side.

At a rally with her husband before the recent Iowa Liberty and Justice Celebration, she immediately launched into a story about the time she punched a neighbor who had been bullying her sister.

“I hate bullies,” she said. “Nothing make me angrier than seeing someone abuse their power to make others feel small.”

On Monday, Jill Biden wouldn’t go so far as to say Trump was a bully, but made it clear how she views him.

“Donald Trump and Joe Biden are just polar opposites," she said. "And that's why I think people are looking for the qualities in a leader — they want a strong leader, they want a resilient leader,” she said.

In his long career, Joe Biden has cultivated a reputation for his authenticity. But former and current Jill Biden staffers universally describe her as “a real person” in a different context, noting both her reticence toward traditional politics, her occasionally rebellious and subversive sense of humor and her passion for Philadelphia sports and her own career.

As with her husband, sometimes that realness can backfire. She raised eyebrows this summer when she told an audience of Democratic and independent voters in New Hampshire that they might have to “swallow a bit” and support her husband even if they might like another candidate better.

Jill Biden said Monday that comment was misconstrued, as she spoke specifically to an audience who had already shared with her whom they were supporting. But she did say electability was still critical.

“I think the beauty of our political system is that anybody can get in to run for president, but I think Joe is the best qualified. I think he's ready on day one. He's steady, he'll be a steady commander in chief. And he knows the job, he has experience, he's ready on day one,” she said.

Biden downplayed her role as an adviser to her husband but made it clear she would continue to advocate on the issues important to her, especially education and veterans.

She decided this summer to continue her teaching career even as she expected to step up her time on the campaign trail. She will face another decision again soon about whether to continue in the spring semester, just as voters will be determining the nominee in primaries and caucuses across the country.

In 2009, she became the first "second lady" to continue her professional work into the White House. What Jill Biden is not yet clear about is whether she can do the same if her husband returns there as president.

“How great would that be? What would that say about teachers? Wouldn't that lift up the profession and celebrate who they are? It would be my honor,” she said.

Jill Biden says her time on the campaign trail has already affected her in ways she didn’t expect. In her book, she describes struggling with her faith after Beau Biden’s death, how it drew her husband closer to the church but pushed her away. But during a trip with her husband to a South Carolina church, she found surprising comfort in the experience.

“I think so many people have prayed for me that I need to return that, that kindness to others as well. So I'm working my way back,” she said.

But she added that she still thinks about Beau every day, including how this campaign might have been different if he had beaten cancer.

“You know Beau was so involved in the process, he so wanted his dad to be president,” she said. “I thought maybe this could have been Beau's campaign.”

SOurce: nbcnews
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Joe Biden Snubs Trump When Offering Congratulations for al-Baghdadi Raid

Joe Biden snubbed President Donald Trump when issuing a congratulatory statement on Sunday upon news that U.S. forces had killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
“I congratulate our special forces, our intelligence community, and all our brave military professionals on delivering justice to the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” the former vice president said shortly after the White House announced it had successfully killed the ISIS leader during an overnight raid in Syria. “It is thanks to their courage and relentless determination to carry out its mission that ISIS has suffered a vital loss.”

Biden, in his short statement, followed the trend of other presidential candidates, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, by not once mentioning Trump. The snub came despite the fact that Trump gave the order to go after al-Baghdadi, who led ISIS since 2014 and was responsible for most of the group’s terrorist activities in the past few years.

The president confirmed on Sunday that al-Baghdadi was killed during a daring nighttime raid on a compound in northwestern Syria’s Idlib Provence. The raid, which was led by a group of U.S. special forces, killed a “large number” of ISIS forces, culminating in al-Baghdadi being cornered in a tunnel beneath the compound. Instead of being captured by the approaching U.S. forces, the ISIS leader detonated a suicide vest killing himself and three children.

“He died like a dog, he died like a coward,” Trump said when announcing the news. “The world is now a much safer place.”

No U.S. troops were wounded in the operation, according to the president, except for “a beautiful” and “talented dog” that was part of the canine unit brought along for the mission.

Biden, in his own statement on Sunday seemed to agree with the president, even if he refused to mention him by name, when he said the “world is better and safer without” al-Baghdadi. Biden’s reluctance to congratulate the president for successfully taking out the ISIS leader stands in stark contrast to a message Trump sent to then-President Barack Obama upon the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011.

SOURCE: breitbart
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Trump says he'll release second 'very important' Ukraine call memo

As the impeachment inquiry continued to cast dark clouds over the White House, Donald Trump said he was preparing to release details of a second call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

“We have another transcript coming out which is very important,” Trump told reporters at Joint Base Andrews before leaving for Alabama and a college football game. “I will give you a second transcript, because I had two calls with the president of Ukraine.”

The impeachment inquiry centres on a 25 July call between Trump and Zelenskiy in which, according to an incomplete memo released by the White House and repeatedly and incorrectly referred to by Trump as a “perfect” transcript, the US president asked his Ukrainian counterpart to “do us a favour”.

Testimony released this week has painted a damning picture of attempts to persuade Ukraine to investigate former vice-president Joe Biden and his son Hunter, potentially in return for an unfreezing of nearly $400m in military aid and a White House meeting with Trump.

The 25 July call and concerns over its content became known when an intelligence official filed an anonymous report. Trump and allies such as the Kentucky senator Rand Paul have led Republican pressure for the media to name the whistleblower, contrary to federal law.

On Saturday, House Republicans said Hunter Biden and the whistleblower should be called to testify in public hearings set to begin next week.

Adam Schiff, the Democratic chair of the House intelligence committee, reportedly said he was “evaluating” the list but added that the inquiry “will not serve … as a vehicle [for] the same sham investigations into the Bidens or 2016 that the president pressed Ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit”.

Trump said his new “transcript” would probably be released on Tuesday. He also characterised the impeachment inquiry as “a lot of witch-hunt” but said Republicans defending him “have never been so united”.

On Friday night, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney asked to join a lawsuit that seeks a ruling on whether senior advisers to Trump must testify in the impeachment inquiry.

The move came on the same day Mulvaney became the latest senior White House aide not to comply with a subpoena to appear before Democrat-led House committees receiving testimony in private. The suit he wants to join was filed in October by Charles Kupperman, former deputy to former national security adviser John Bolton.

House Democrats have not served a subpoena to Bolton, whose lawyer said on Friday he had information about “many relevant meetings and conversations”. Bolton has warned he will seek legal recourse if a subpoena is sent. In a game of legal chess, Kupperman’s subpoena has been withdrawn.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone has claimed senior aides do not have to comply with impeachment inquiry subpoenas, a claim that is fiercely contested. But career officials from the National Security Council and state department have testified in private.

Mulvaney found himself in the crosshairs after admitting last month that aid to Ukraine was held up and telling reporters to “get over it”, an admission he sought to retract.

This week, transcripts of testimony by White House aides linked Mulvaney to offers of a Trump meeting for Zelenskiy, if he agreed to investigate the Bidens and a conspiracy theory which says Ukraine, not Russia, intervened in the 2016 US election.

In a filing quoted by the Washington Post, Mulvaney’s lawyers said the issue of whether senior aides should testify “go[es] to the heart of our representative government and its promise to secure individual liberty by dividing the awesome power of government amongst itself”.

“Mr Mulvaney, like Mr Kupperman, finds himself caught in that division, trapped between the commands of two of its co-equal branches – with one of those branches threatening him with contempt. He turns to this court for aid.”

When Kupperman’s suit was filed, many observers said it was merely a delaying tactic. Critics of Cipollone’s position say it disregards the oversight role of Congress as set out in the constitution.

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Schiff And Pelosi Unable To Say What Trump Did Wrong In ‘Impeachapalooza’ Stunt

Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump is proceeding faster than ever than before, but it seems like not even the Democrats themselves are able to catch up with what they had in mind as they struggle to justify their reasons to remove the president from office.

Fox News contributor Chad Pergram in an exchange with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) asked for clarification on the term “impeachment resolution,” but received no straight answer.

When asked by Pergram if he was reluctant to refer the process to remove President Trump from office an “impeachment resolution” due to the possibility of the public perceiving “this stage as impeaching the president” even though Democrats are “obviously several steps short of that,” Hoyer said he wishes to be cautious about his word choices.

“I want to be very careful in my verbiage because I’ve found it repeatedly misconstrued by those of you who either write the stories or the headlines,” Hoyer responded. “I want to be very precise. We are continuing the process of determining whether ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ have been committed by the president of the United States, which would justify, at that point in time, proceeding with articles of impeachment.”

The “impeachapalooza,” as described by Pergram due to the word games Democrats adopted since they are unable to establish wrongdoing by the president, was initiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and currently being led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Pelosi refuses to call the procedure of removing President Trump an “impeachment resolution” but at the same time announced that a House vote be held to formalize the procedure to “establish parameters” for the investigation last month, Pergram wrote.

Meanwhile Schiff turned the blame on GOP lawmakers for requesting a fairer process, claiming “they can’t defend the president’s conduct” despite Democrats also failing to show evidence any wrongdoing by President Trump.

Pergram also noted that a number of moderate and conservative Democrats would rather not discuss impeaching the president.

“They’d rather discuss health care and infrastructure issues, maybe adoption of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement [USMCA] trade package,” Pergram wrote. “These [Democrats] seemed to know the less they’d have to deal with impeachment, the better off they were.”

The U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) is President Trump’s modernized trilateral trade deal that aims to provide thousands of new jobs and give U.S. duty-free access to Mexican and Canadian markets.

Penn Live contributor Marc A. Scaringi in an opinion column rebuked Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry as “a joke” for denying President Trump “basic rules of fairness” and failing to establish the “crimes” he was accused of committing.

“Over a month into the ‘official’ impeachment inquiry, and many months into the unofficial one, Democrats still have not shown us the crime,” Scaringi wrote, citing Pelosi’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show earlier this month where she tried to explain why she is trying to remove President Trump from office.

Pelosi, in response to Colbert’s question, “giggled, laughed, and repeatedly said it’s ‘about the Constitution,’ while boasting that she’s ‘throwing a punch for the children.’”

Scaringi pointed out that despite Pelosi solemnly stating, “No one is above the law,” she was unable to provide “evidence of any crime [by the president].”

“She’s got nothing,” Scaringi added. “But her impeachment inquiry, although a joke and political stunt to her, is being taken with the utmost seriousness by the president’s 62 million loyal supporters.”

At the heart of the impeachment inquiry is a July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, where Democrats rushed to assess whether military aid to Ukraine was withheld to pressure Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

But President Trump firmly denied any wrongdoing, calling the phone call “good” and “normal” as he urged individuals to “read the transcript” before slamming him for having done anything wrong.

Zelenskiy too explained that there was “no blackmail” and that there was no pressure for him to get involved in American politics.

The aid to Ukraine too was eventually released without condition.
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