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Thursday, 7 March 2019

VIDEO: See What This Lecturer Did To Students Who Were Improperly Dressed In RSU (Is This Right?)

A lecturer of the Rivers State University — named Emmanuel Nwosu, a banking and insurance law lecturer — was captured harassing students, identified as law students, because of their alleged improper dressing.

According to reports, the lecturer gave deaf ears to pleads; he display his strict nature toward doing what he has in mind.

More photos & video below:

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Open Letter To The Vice Chancellor Of Rivers State University


The want to hike the school fees, which is about to take effect, shows that the students are never put into good consideration. Who doesn't know that the rate of students, who find it cumbersome to foot the fees, surge as the day goes by?

Instead of increasing the school fees, I think it's essential that faulty facilities be repaired, and unavailable essential facilities be provided, in order to ensure a comfortable learning environment; and, also to aid the normal learning pattern, so proper understanding can be achieved.

Before I got admission into RSU, I, through personal effort, understood certain programming language. I didn't bother to continue with it, because I thought when I get admission to study Computer Science, I'll keep the study of programs intensively going. 

But, immediately I got in, the school itself killed my zeal for studying programming languages: no provision for testing codes, no standard computer laboratory to explore as a computer scientist.

How many times do we use the supposed laboratory for studies?

On this effect, I'm of the opinion that the decision towards the amount of school fees to be paid in Rivers State University — the hike in the school fees — should be revisited. 

Let's look at it from this angle; there are parents who get sustained with the little money they accrue from menial jobs just to make sure they're not bereaved of food, because of poverty. These parents literally always count the years remaining for the graduation of their child(ren) to check how long they'll continue to squeeze to secure a certificate.

Is it minimum wage? It's really not enough to effectively cater for a family.

Do the universities now place more value to the financial benefits, instead of pursuing a good learning environment — and considering the financial stands of most students?

I'm sure, that's it!

Look at the nook and crannies of the school, you won't say there are no areas which need proper attention. We incessantly hear complaints about the economy, but students still struggle towards paying their bills.

These words are written to touch few areas of the reason why the school fees shouldn't be hiked!

Writer: Ibinabo Emmanuel Bagshaw
"Don't forget you need our votes, come 2019"A government that doesn’t respect nd recognize the student community, denied us bursary and wants to allow the increment of students fee x2, purely don’t have the students or education at heart  forgetting we are future leaders.We will show them our pvc and that's the way out!"
                            - David Mullad Emmanuel
(To Rivers State Governor)!
Aluta continua,
Victoria Asertia.
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Monday, 25 June 2018

Gun Shots Heard In RSU Amidst Jean Carnival (Check Location)

According to an eyewitness, who reported to XclusiveVibes Metro, few hoodlums were seen shooting some distance away from Shopping Complex in the Rivers State University. 

On this Jean Carnival day, it's wise to restrict movements to certain areas. 
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Monday, 16 October 2017

Editorial: Top 10 RSU Artistes Countdown


This artists have all showed remarkable efforts, Time and energy in creating good music..
  • Iykz Michael
  • Joel Elemxy Oji
  • Teddy Epelle
  • Frank Ndubuisi
  • Flexz Latifa
  • Ebenezer Wagoha
  • Meje Vincent Ihemeje
  • Emi Thedocumentary
  • Mazino Alfie
  • Faithful Obiene
This list isn't a competition between the artist but a list of  TOP 10 good RSU songs for the month of October

Showing RSU to the world

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Source: RSUKillingIt Instagram Page. 
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Friday, 26 May 2017

Prince Agaba Idu Commends RivSU SUG President For The Ongoing Love Garden Project

I won't fail to commend our dynamic president Daminabo Alali Daniel of #RSU for trying to fufull part his campaign promises... Indeed its a tremendous development which all eyes can see.

 I beseech you my honourable 001 that while executing the ongoing project at Love Garden it is important you know that The Sport Complex has to be completed, that project shouldn't be abandoned in the guise of this present project being executed. 

May I also bring to your notice in all humility that installing efficient and effective security lighting systems will definetly complement your project @ that love Garden. It will be "penny wise, pound foolish" if after decorating the love garden students can't enjoy the vicinity all because of insecurity and illicit activities going on there.


I'm Prince
Crowned Prince of

Credits: Aluta Metre
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