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Thursday, 28 February 2019

MUSIC: Rexx - “No Reason” (Prod. By DsyBeatz)

One of PH finest music act, Rexx — also known as Eko Boiii — comes out with  another banging tune tilted “No Reason”. 

Another sound to zanku to; get you earphones ready as we serve you this sauce. The cook of this sauce — the producer — is DsyBeatz.

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

MUSIC: Rexx - Omo Shepe Terii (Prod. By Dsy Beatz)

The Ekoshii crooner, Rexx, after an interview with XclusiveVibes Nigeria , where he disclosed about himself, spoke on career—has had the sauce ready to be served in its sizzling state. 

He titled this one, fresh out from undisputed producer, Dsy Beatz—Omó Shepé Terii.

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Port Harcourt Based Musician, Rexx Talks Career In Anticipation Of His New Music

On today's interview session, we have, with us, a PH City fastrising artiste who's no other than Rexx. Rexx talks on what pushed him into music. 

Read the excerpt below:

Welcome, Mr Rexx to our Exclusive Interview session.

Yea... I'm always glad to be here.

First of all, we'll like you to tell us who Rexx is! Most of your fans and friends know you as Rexx!

Yo yo!!! Rexx is just a phenomenon...
The name is Nwauzi rex rexx is just a dub from my name.

Most people had the feeling that it was a nickname ..but def def it is my real name...I just fixed The second X.

Rexx is a very welcoming dude..I'm open to everyone as Long as you have a good purpose...we good!!!!

Awesome. All these for just one person? You're on fire, man. 

Na Wa Ba!!!normal levelz.

So, what gave you the affirmation that music is the right path for you? How did you discover that talent?

Music has always been a passion for me as long as I can remember. From childhood, I began drumming in church after which it evolved to what it is today! All the occurences have proven the path. I've never had a dull moment with music; music is life to me!

Playing drums in church made you believe that music could be the path?

I fell deeply in love with the singers ...buh unfortunately or lemme sae fortunately the drive pushed me into circular and not the Gospel i strted with.

It's all good tho.

Good to know. What kind of challenges have you faced following this path you've chosen? And, how are you dealing with them?

What else if not financial.... Buh despite that,we r still pushing.

You're there already! Apart from music, what else do you have passion for?

Hmmmmm...just my football.

Oh! You play football, too. Cool! So, compared to music, why didn't you take the path of football. 

It was a difficult level bruva....buh i so love it.

I wish you all the best on the path which you've chosen! Yes, you're preparing a new tune, tell us about itI

It's titled omó shepé teriii. Just a pure Street vibe.

Great, what do you want your fans to expect from Omo Shepe teriii?

Pure all the way..its definitely gon be wavy. That's the spirit.

Which top artistes do you look up to? I mean one who gives you that drive to keep going!! Or should I say role model..

I love ycee A.k.a much...buh i listen to loadz of upcoming rappers tooo...likes of wale turner, Barz, dremo, olaa dipz , chinko ekun etc.

It's sure that a talented and cute individual like you won't have "single" for a relationship status. Right?

Hehe..definitely.... I'm in a relationship... And I love who I'm with so much.

Now, that's fabulous! Extend our greetings to her. So, what's your advice to upcoming artistes?

Hehe...I'll do that... Keep pushing...its definitely gon get better soon.
Nice! Before we wrap up this session, what can you say about XclusiveVibes Nigeria?

Great and goood job.... Big upz to yu guyT

Thanks a ton! On this note, we conclude this session. 

Thanks, Mr Rexx for your presence.

The pleasure is mine
Drops 6:00pm today! 

Need an interview such as this? 
Send the following:
• Full name with stage name! 
• 2-4 Pictures of you! 
• Your profession!
• What you're already anticipating for (Optional)!

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Music: Rexx - Ekoshi (Prod. By DysBeats)

Yay! Here's the much awaited melody by one of Nigeria's finest artistes, Rexx. He titled this one "Ekoshi".

In this track he'll teach us how to effectively use the word (in a certain language), Ekoshi.

Meanwhile, before the release of this track, he had an interview with Xclusivevibes Nigeria; check it out HERE

This tune was produced by DsyBeatz

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Download Rexx - Ekoshi (DysBeats)
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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

PH Based Artiste, Rexx Talks Career In Anticipation Of His New Single "Ekoshii"

In an interview segment with one of Port Harcourt finest artistes, Rexx, conducted by Xclusivevibes Nigeria; he explained on what to expect in his forthcoming single. 

The excerpts of the interview details thus:

Hello, Mr Rexx; welcome to our exclusive interview session.

My pleasure. .

What really is your name? Or is Rexx the name you parents gave to you?

Ma name is Nwauzi Rex Emeka, Rexx is the official stage name.

Rex? What exactly does Rex mean?

It's a Latin name which means king"

Great, king of which kingdom? 

Lol, my kingdom.

That's nice though! You're from Anambra right? Or owerri?

No, I'm from Riverstate.

Okay, cool. So, what pushed you to delving into the Music Industry?

it's something I've always dreamt off, ever since I was little. I delved into music more because of the love of it. I always have the believe that I can always give more as a portharcourt act, both at the national and global level. I want to take music from ph to the world..

How did you discover your proficiency on a mic?

That's something I always take into serious consideration because I won't say I'm very good on that, but at my level I can say I am doing great in that department. I guess that was after my first performance. The response during and after the show was really encouraging, so I took to more practice..

That's jaw dropping.. 
So, what are the challenges you face as an artiste?

That's something that is too numerous to mention.
First is the financial aspect we upcoming acts find it hard to raise fund to record songs, when you think of paying a producer 15k knowing fully well that you ain't working, and you're not even sure of the promo sef. It gives a lot to tink about. 
Secondly, i will say promotion, so getting gigs (showz). It's very difficult to get a show to perform all in the name of "you're an upcoming act, your face nevaer show.". Even when you have a lot to offer, that's that for now..

This same thing is faced by many upcoming artiste out there, but the only remedy is going out of the box; do something different from what others do. So, you don't have any challenge with your vocals?

Ya that's very true, that's why I try to mix yoruba and English in my sound, so I give out to people both here and out what they don't hear on a norm..

That is: Vocals has no challenge right?

Not any to give me sleepless night, not at all.

In your proposal message for this interview, you made mention of a tune which your about dropping; tell us about it.

Ok, the name of the song is Ekoshii, it's a yoruba word meaning "no nonsense". It relates to errtin going on within us, both as a biggie person or to an average street boy, both to the males and females talks about what girls possess, also lemme say chilling with the biggie boys, no nonsense is required..
 A girl Has a dapper phsique that err boy would wanna get a feel off, but dey aren't in for that so that's where the ekoshii comes in, a song trying to straighten things up..

Oh! Wonderful, so when are we expecting it?

Its dropping on the 30th of October.

Okay then, we'll wait patiently for it. Hope it'll be worth listening to?

I assure you that..

What famous artiste to you look up to, like one you love to listen to? Or simply put; your role model.

I don't do the role model thing, I love them boys who are doing well in the industry....
I'm a rapper, so it will b more of rappers..
Ycee, dremo, wale tuner, boogey, oladips, Chinko ekun...many more, but I love this few..

That's awesome, do you do freestyles?

Ya ... I do

Okay, freestyle with "Xclusivevibes Nigeria" as keywords.

Ok, how many lines?

Just flow.

Lines toń ja wo wa wa mii...
I feel like yc.bro u can't cee me
Awon temiii big bois.malowa nii..
Exclusive vibe nigeria baba mii..

What can you say about Xclusivevibes Nigeria? 

You guys are really doing a great job, I've been following up your updates lately and trust me I've been glued; keep up the good work guys. 

Wow, nice; so, what will you like to tell the upcoming artistes out there?

Hmmmmm, I'm upcoming now, Just "Stay true to your craft, and b true to God, hard work pays"

Good one; 
It was great having you here Mr Rexx.

My pleasure, thanks a lot. 

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