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Friday, 21 September 2018

MUSIC: Dhe Miracle - "Heaven" (Banky W's Cover)

In anticipation of the release of this tune, we conducted an interview with this talented, and skilled songwriter, Miracle Edeh—who's popularly known as Dhe Miracle, and seldom times called Mimi Keys

This RnB melody is packaged with idea from Banky W's tune! He titled this one "Heaven", a Banky W cover. 

Music such as this is rare, listen and allow him show you how you can fall in love in heaven. 

Download Below & Enjoy | Share | Drop Your Comments 

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Thursday, 20 September 2018

“Most Artistes Today Don't Care About Lyrics” - PH Artiste, Dhe Miracle Talks Career In Anticipation Of His New Single

On this edition of our timeout with outstanding individuals in an interview session, we have Miracle Edeh with us. He's here to discuss career, and a little about himself. 

Here's the excerpt from the interview:

Okay. Welcome to our interview session, Mr Miracle!

Thank you! Good day!

How do you feel being here for this exclusive interview?

I feel excited, and a bit nervous!

We're glad you feel excited, but why are you nervous?

Yeah! cos' I really don’t know what to expect and as such, I’ll like to clear that my nervousness doesn’t imply fear!

Just take a deep breath, you'll be fine. So, tell us about yourself!

Alright! The brand is “dhe Miracle”, and the name behind the brand is Edeh Miracle; I’m a pianist from a gospel background who loves doing music not just for the fun of it, but I see it as a medium to cause people to relax and ease stress and also a tool to address present day situations!

That's great, so how about your locality, age, likes and dislikes?

Well, I’m 23 years old. I’m a native of Agbani, Nkanu West local government area of Enugu state.

I love playing with colors and I dress based on my mood. I wear dull colors when I’m sad. Ughh! I love good music, bad music is a huge turn off for me. That pretty much sums me up, musically. Lol!

So, you don't really have much dislikes, right?

Yeah! Apart from snitches and friends who back stab, I don’t have much dislikes.

Good to know, really good to know. Now, concerning music, how did you know music is the path for you?

Well! I discovered that whatever we all find ourselves doing that we find joy doing that’s our default path. Growing up, I never really knew how to sing. I started as a drummer but later got attracted to the Plano and grew in it over the years, later my voice started developing; it was forceful at first, but regular rehearsals and sleepless nights has brought me to where I am today!

Wow, that's really inspiring, I'm sure this will inspire a lot of them out there to pursue their dreams. What challenges did you face while developing the vocals, and which are you facing now?

Starting up — criticism, fanatics, mockery and all were around me. My parents were not at all encouraging at first, it was all about me being the bad kid in the hood, because I returned at late nights and I’m hardly home, I’m either at this rehearsals or the other or I’m at a studio, but they never cared to listen to that side of the story! Finance has always been a problem, sponsorships are hard to come by these days, so really pushing a song and getting heard all by yourself can be really frustrating, because all by yourself you can little or nothing to push the stuffs you have out there for the world to listen to and hear you!

Most of the times, if you’re not heard, you’re not known and if you’re not known, sponsorships may elude you, but how do you achieve all this as a starter? It all boils down to finance—money is a problem and a major challenge, but I’m coming out!

Close friends, parents, at first, won't be in full support, won't encourage you, until the results starts coming. The absence of money is only telling you that, there are potentials in you that need to come out the hard way. 

You'll get there. Which Nigerian artiste do you take after, when it comes to style of music?

Despite the recent trend in Nigerian Music, there’s a lady I respect so much, her name is ASA, then there came simi and took my heart away with her blend.

I love Dare art alade, Timi dakolo and lastly Adekunle gold,used to love 9ice too until he disappeared!

Dare art Alade? Do you mean Yemi Alade?

No! Dare art alade, the guy who sang “you’re not the girl I used to know, you’re a shadow of yourself ...” It used to be a one time hit. The guy who sang “Pray for me”

Oh! That's great! This really shows that you're about the RnB genre, right?

Yeap! And, a mixed flare of Fuji and Afro beat!

Your blend of RnB is out of this world, frankly speaking. So, if it weren't music what would you have ventured into?

Thanks! XclusiveVibes Nigeria, coming from you, I must say I’m humbled! Well, if it weren’t music, I probably would have ventured into art and creativity, I used to be that inclined as a growing kid!

Wow! But, you can still practice it once in a while! It's not everyday you're engaged, not so?

Yeap! The days I’m not engaged, I try to rest cause my body system reacts a lot to stress, I try my best to keep up!

Okay, that's understandable. Are you done with tertiary education?

Yes I am..

Tell us about it; when did you get admission? What course did you study?

Well, it wasn’t easy, so I had to go through the national open university and I studied computer engineering. I finished two years ago, but deferred service, because that’s not my dream course. I will still want to do my dream course thought, I’m thinking going back next year!

Incredible! But, are you sure going back to school is what you really want? Because, you can get your dream job with that course you graduated with. It's no doubt you have eyes on a kind of job.

Yeah! I’m aware, but what I want to study is just to find fulfillment!

Well, if that's what suit you. Any relationship?

Yeah! but, I’ll like to keep it discreet for now.

Okay, we respect your choice. What do you have to say about the lyrics artistes of today use in their songs?

Well, I don’t want to criticize, because I’m not there yet, artist today are like an already made brand; I’ll compare them to any other brand that has made their name over time, what they sell now is not quality but name.

Lyrics artistes use are no longer inspirational or soul mending, everyone is running to the dance hall where dancers in their high estate, they don’t care what lyrics are used as Long as d beat is danceable! Lol! And, I laugh.

Lol, you said it all, Sir. That's just the trend now, as long as the song is ShakuShakuable.

Lol! Exactly oh.

If you are given a good sum of money to promote yourself in the music industry, how will you spend it?

Wow! If I have such opportunity, I’ll boost my visibility by doing massive online promotions and get collaborations with radio stations and a television channel to constantly play my songs. I’ve discovered that unconsciously, people tend to love what they constantly hear and see around them! 

That's really a good plan, and discovery. Everything is possible, so keep pushing harder. What do you have to say to other fastrising act around?

Thanks, XclusiveVibes—I appreciate a lot.

They should not follow the trend, they should try and be the trend. You can beat it if you don’t join it

Great! Before we let you go, what will you do if you were given a contract to change the music industry, creating something new?

I’ll create a pattern by which every artistes songs must be reviewed before it hits the airwaves, there should be regulations to some kinds stuffs we listen to.

Superb! About your forthcoming single, tell us about it. What do you want us to expect? Which day is going to be available for downloads? Tell us about it.

The download date is this Friday, the 21st of September 2018 and I’ll want y’all to please go and download banky W’s version, I’m not hyping his, but download and listen to it then come back and listen to this, then you’ll thank me later, that’s all I have to say.


Say some words about XclusiveVibes Nigeria. Maybe, you can sing it.

Ok! quick one.
Haha! Awesome! 

You killed it. 
On this note, we draw the curtain of our interview session to a close. It's nice having you here!

Thanks, XclusiveVibes Nigeria! It was a pleasure.

Wait, are you the only child of your parents?

No! I’m the 1st son, second child outta a family of 5—3girls and two bois

Cool, really cool! Thanks for honouring our invitation.

Thanks for having me.

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