Friday, 12 October 2018


DML goes hard on this! King is a sure banger.

Fireboy DML’s King is an Afropop tune fused  with a blend of RnB which will keep you singing word for word and get you dancing that slow grove on your feet.

This song was produced by Echo and Mastered by Redemption Beatz.

Listen, Download & Enjoy

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Monday, 24 September 2018

5 Effective Drugs For Flat Tummy In Nigeria

Whenever you're with your friend for recreational activities, you find it difficult to remove your top before them, because your tummy, stomach, to you, seems like something which isn't worth being displayed. If your friends invite you for swimming or activities which requires one going without shirts, you won't partake, it's not like you don't love the game, but you can't afford to remove your cloth, shirt especially, at the presence of your friends.

In a situation where you are mistakenly seen without shirt, you just feel like either disappearing, "teleporting" or wearing your shirt with the speed possessed by flash. 

Or could it be that you have that cloth you really want to wear, but your tummy disrupts its beauty, making it look abstract? 

In this article, you'll be shown the list of drugs for flat tummy available in Nigeria. Cherishing flat tummy, belly, is synonymous to cherishing weight loss; once you pursue weight loss flat tummy comes with it, if achieved, but this write up focuses on just flat tummy—that should give you an idea of how concise, straight to the point, this article is. 

Some of you might have other experiences based on weird tummy looks, different from the one stated above; from the moment you clicked for this remedy, you solved it by 48%. Putting to practice everything stated in this article completes it by 52%.

Having said that, hang in as we disclose them to you. 

Ready? Let's go. 

The drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria will be disclosed to you soon, but firstly, let's look at the activities which will burn tummy fat. 

They entail thus:

REGULAR EXERCISE: One of the most important approaches to burning fat is exercise, that's regular exercise. You can't visit the gym today, and go back in 3 weeks time. No! 

Circuit training need to be performed about 3 times a week.

This can be achieved by indulging in exercises like: pull-ups, push-ups, lunches. Each of them should be repeated for 15 times.

500 - 600 calories is likely to be burnt if each of the exercises stated above is followed by jumping rope for one minute. 

In addition, it's mandatory, and also important to work on your abdominal muscles for same three times a week. Digressing on it, three sets of 20 repetitions of crunches and leg raises should be exhibited. 

Don't forget to add the planks to it. How do you do the planks? 
Hold your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.

AVOID THE INTAKE OF SALT: Yes, salt spices up food, but if you're desperate about getting your desired shape of tummy, you'll starve yourself of salt during this period. This will help minimize water retention, constructing a path to your desired result. 

Most of you are aware that, sodium is one the elements which makes up salt; you should avoid salt, because at this time, you don't need sodium. 

You can give taste to your food with other herbs and spices rather than using salt. 

AVOID TOO MUCH STRESS AND ANXIETY: It's no doubt that the quest for big money can cause one to experience real stress, but it's also imperative that you make sure that you counter with a few recreational activities to ease off, to stay cool. 

Cortisol is a hormone produced in huge quantity following the presence of stress and anxiety. This hormone encourages weight gain around the belly area! 

KIND OF FOOD EATEN: The change wanted at this period depends on the kind of food eaten, it plays an important role in affecting the size of your tummy. 

Food which are processed and with a large amount of sugar should be avoided and replaced with whole grain breads and pastas, beef, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, and low fat diary.

Moving further, this last activity which somewhat relates to the next details concerning the drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria, will usher us into the trusted list of drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria! 

Here they are... 


The things classified as drugs here are couple of food you can use to counteract fat or plumpy tummy for a flat one.

We'll use this piece by Damilola which was featured on Vanguard, she well explained the five food suitable for this! 

Read Here:
“My name is Damilola, a health & fitness coach and for the past 2 years I have been helping over weight men and women like you get their dream body without taking expensive pills( that don’t even work) or crazy diet plans that starve you.

What I have discovered is that a fraction of our Nigerian foods are extremely fatty and filled with lots of calories.

Here are the Nigerian Foods That Are Low in Calorie and Burns Fat.

Why we chose these foods as fat burner is simple, they are low in calorie high in fiber

1. Brown Rice 
Popularly known as Ofada, this meal is bae especially with a rich orisirisi stew ( I am already drooling!). It has a high fiber content which keeps bowel movement at a peak, therefore making digestion much easier.

It also makes the tummy feel full so you can afford to eat smaller meal portions. And it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Now you didn’t expect me to skip this one did you? Vegetables go a long way to help shrink belly fat fast especially when you eat them in the right way.

They help with ease of bowel movement by helping with easy digestion. One amazing thing about eating vegetables is that you can eat plates full of them without having to worry about the calories. However, do not overcook them!

Plantains are a slightly bigger, starchier, and less sweet member of the banana family. Like their cousin, plantains are a great source of resistant starch, containing nearly 3 grams in a half-cup when cooked.

In most places, plantain (ripe or unripe) is either roasted, boiled or fried and consumed with or without accompaniment – to help you feel full for long.

The delicious combination of “boli” and fish stew or groundnut is a life saver. This beauty is one of the best sources of potassium and fiber in the whole world, boosting the immune system and helping with digestion. Another advantage of plantain is the different ways you can have it, whether it’s grilled, steamed or even boiled. You can enjoy it as a meal or a snack!

Fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6. It’s an amazing source of protein which is highly needed to shrink belly fat fast. The trick with fish however is not to fry away all of its nutrients as a lot of us are used to doing. So, rather than boil, fry and then cook with stew, try stewing or steaming.

I’m sure your will agree these foods are within reach and cheap too. If you make it a big part of your diet you will be sure to get positive results gradually.

5.Sweet Potatoes
Like the Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes are a great source of slimming resistant starch, which triggers feelings of satiety. But they also boast nutritional benefits all of their own: just one baked sweet potato contains 438% of your daily vitamin A (versus 1% in a white potato), 37% of your daily vitamin C, as well as calcium, potassium, and iron.

They’re also low-calorie (about 105 in a medium sweet potato) and contain 4 grams of filling dietary fiber, 16% of the daily recommended amount.

I’m sure your will agree these foods are within reach and cheap too. If you make it a big part of your diet you will be sure to get positive results gradually.

Now with these 5 foods been added to your diet you have started your journey to losing fat naturally.”

Congratulations, in advance, on the change you'll get. We look forward to reading your testimonies. 

In conclusion, drugs for flat tummy in Nigeria are embedded in the foods stated above which we eat, and remedy for fat tummy is also in certain exercises like push-ups and whatnot. 

Good luck! 
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10 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

10 Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes! 

The thought of being exposed to diabetes has made many reduce their intake of sugar from numerous amount to a moderate amount. Some people use almost 10 cubes of sugar in just about 3 spoons of custard, and they don't see anything harmful in it. 

Sugar is undoubtedly sweet, but when abused, like taken excessively, it does havoc—sometimes the effect might not be noticed. 

A few of you, right now, must have started asking yourselves, “am I already a victim of this?”

Let's push further into a story of a woman who neglected the words from people about the results of the too much intake of sugary things. They countless times warned her, but she was already addicted.

Whenever she eats, she uses over 8 cubes of sugar, no matter how small the food is. She never foresaw the painful result. It went on like this with her until the subtle dealings of diabetes started becoming observable, and she got it really hard. 

It affected her system real good. She had time to make it right, amidst the signs and symptoms, but she didn't.

Well, don't fret it, you'll be exposed to several signs and symptoms which rings a bell of some percentage assurance that, you have the diabetes. 

Stick around, as it gets revealed to you. 

It's of colossal knowledge that the love of sugary things cannot be scrapped out from human beings. The only remedy is to educate people on its deadly effects. 

There's something called Type 1 diabetes, this involves the early stage of diabetes, and within this period, the sign and symptoms might not be observable; but, when it reaches type 2, it's likely to start springing forth signs and symptoms of its presence. 

it's imperative for one to avoid negligence of this killer disease when noticed at the early stage.

Moving on, continue reading as we disclose 10 signs and symptoms of the most times insidious disease, diabetes. 

10 Signs and Symptoms Of Diabetes 

Here are the common signs and symptoms of Diabetes:

1. HUNGRY: When the insulin dysfunctions, making it herculean for the cells to get its energy—or when it's absent—the body tends to react, trying to absorb more energy—food. Then, hunger sets in. 

The next signs, symptoms of diabetes is - 

2. IRRITABILITY: What's Irritability? This is the state or quality of being irritable, that means, being easily irritated, exasperated (angered).

So, following the previous symptom, hunger, this can be a good sign of the existence of diabetes.

3. BLURRED VISION: Eyes with blurred vision don't only find it difficult to see certain objects, but the few, which it can, see won't have a clear display. The cause of such is the periodic pulling of tissues from your eye lenses. 

Having this blurred vision isn't an avenue for feeling abnegated—rejected—it has a complete remedy for proper treatment.

If not handled properly, prolonged problems with seeing, or even blindness, can occur.

4. CUTS AND BRUISES DONT HEAL PROPERLY: Have you had an injury, and it took longer than usual to heal? It'll appear as though it wants to heal, but you find it becoming fresh again. That's when the presence of sugar is evenly saturated to areas in the body. 

5. INCESSANT URINATION: Have you observed that you frequently visit the toilet to empty your bladder? Is it becoming somewhat embarrassing because of how many times you run to the restroom just to urinate while with friends? This happens when there's numerous amount of glucose (Sugar) in your body, and urinating more often is the sign of its existence. 

Glucose will be difficult to be filter back into the blood by your kidney if your insulin is absent or not vivacious—lively. 

On that effect, your kidney will be left with no choice, but to draw water from your blood in order to dilute the available glucose. This process gets your bladder filled. And, this is an incessant occurrence, making you a regular at the toilets at anywhere you find yourself. 

6. CONSTANT THIRST: Thirst comes to play when you eat without drinking water after eating or after several urination. It's with no doubt that if you urinate countless times, you're likely to always look out for water to drink. 

Therefore, if you're disturbed by the preceding sign, then you're likely to have sheer thirst for water always. 

7. WEIGHT LOSS: Hunger—a sign, symptom of diabetes—can forcefully give in to this symptom. People intentionally starve or go on a kind of diet to lose weight, but with hunger involved, this sign is inevitable. 

8. FATIGUE: The ineffective working of your insulin, or its absence, disrupts glucose from entering your cells thereby causing a lack of energy. This process makes you weak. 

9. ITCHY SKIN: This is when your skin makes you uncomfortable by making you scratch it repeatedly, this can be caused as a result of the presence of diabetes. 

10. GUMS ARE RED AND/OD SWOLLEN; FREQUENT GUM INFECTIONS: Red and/swollen gums is a clear indication that diabetes may be at the corner—it is a sign, symptoms of diabetes. It also leaves the teeth prone to infections which can mar the look of the teeth. 

In addition, inability to perform sexual activities by men above 50, mostly erectile dysfunction is also a sign that there's diabetes. Diabetes, as a disease, is insidious. there are times it'll be present, but won't wave at you. So, it's essential that you phone, or meet, your doctor when you notice any of the foregoing symptoms. Don't gamble with your health, procrastinating the step of handling health issues to have positive result is harmful. 

Diabetes can be diagnosed by doing a test which requires your urine to check for the level of glucose it contains—that'll help to decided whether there's diabetes or not. 

The excess presence of glucose indicates diabetes. 
It's most times, also, followed by a blood test to find out the amount of glucose in the blood to be sure the symptoms are caused by diabetes. 

Consult professional expertise from a doctor if you notice any of the 10 signs and symptoms of diabetes stated above. 

Good luck! 
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

MUSIC: 9T9 - Never Let Go (Prod. By David Cloud)

Prolific Songwriter, 9T9 finally releases the much awaited tune which he titled "Never Let Go".

This song was produced by David Cloud

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Saturday, 22 September 2018

“I’m A Woman, I Support Wizkid, Shola Get A Life & Fend For Your Son” – Lady Says

For the past days, drama between Wizkid and his Babymama has been ongoing, he has been called out for not owning up to his duty. The recent was done by Shola, his first babymama who exposed Screenshots of chats she had with Wizkid concerning the welfare of their son.
However, a lady who thought she reasons well enough has taken to her twitter handle to address the issue, according to her tweets, she is a lady and fully supports the attitude of Wizkid towards his babymama, she advised Shola to go get a life and fend for her son.
Read full tweet:-
I’m a woman and I support wizkid, Women should learn to fend for their seeds , my father died four years back, even before he died my mother has been the one fending for my family , and boom � she was not in our lives the way a mother should but right now I’m grown and I truly understand why.
So y’all can hate wizkid for treating her like a useless girl but he’s a man and the only connection binding them is Tife . Imagine something bad happens to shola today (God forbid) Tife will be with his daddy and not her family.
Since Shola is bothered about wizkid not being there for his son , why not grant him the role of a baby daddy so you can feel the emptiness from wiz side , at least you’ll be the one having a life like wizkid while he looks after your child.
You love your child dearly but the circumstances surrounding your child requires you has his mother to put yourself aside and put your child first all because you’re a baby mama, be at peace with your soul.
Get a life shola , give wizkid custody of his son so the boy can enjoy the benefits of having a star boy dad! You are his mother and will forever be ! Move your son out of 2million house to a better life, your son First.
Don’t be jealous Zion is the one getting all the goodies , you as well should put out negativity, you’re a beautiful woman and you deserve happiness.
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Mandela’s Young Leaders To 1000 Active Nigerian Youths

THE Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) is set to host over 1000 active Nigerian youth leaders with the goal of collaborating actions that will promote sustainable national development through the Young Leaders Assembly. 
Nelson Mandela 

In a statement sent to Vanguard, Margaret Nongo-Okojokwu, Publicity Secretary, MWFAAN, stated that the vision of the program is to over time become like a local replica of the United Nations’ youth assembly where young leaders, including young civic leaders, entrepreneurs, public managers, activists and student leaders working to promote national development and the sustainable development goals are recognized and celebrated. 

The statement stated that the summit with the theme: Paradigm shift; Creating a youth-led development agenda for Nigeria will feature 3 powerful keynote speeches, 3 Panel Sessions, 1 set of syndicate sessions and an action plan development session. It stated, “This summit will also feature the Beyond School Community Challenge grand finale and the President Barack Obama’s Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Awards presentation and will hold in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on the 22nd of September, 2018. 

“Invited guests and speakers include Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Mr Tonye Cole of Sahara Energy, Governor Godwin Obaseki, Mrs Tara Durotoye of House of Tara, Doctor Amy Jadesimi of LADOL and the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador Symington. “The project is envisioned strategically to position Nigerian youths on the pivotal roles in the realization of Sustainable Development Goals in all critical sectors of the economy by 2030 through a coordinated infusion of entrepreneurial and leadership skills through YALI network.” It disclosed that the Beyond School Community Challenge will host the top 10 finalists selected schools and students to compete for the grand prizes in the Beyond School Challenge final pitching competition. 

The statement stated, “As a national community development and entrepreneurship program for secondary school students, it aims to engage young people in Nigeria for the purpose of creating impact within their community and developing critical entrepreneurial skills. “The program further seeks to inspire students to improve their communities through entrepreneurial action. Each finalist team is made up of 3 high school students with a teacher. “Each team will be tasked to provide an innovative idea or solution in their community within the framework of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

“The finalists would be transported, accommodated in Abuja and fed by the BSC team for all the duration of their stay. There would be a mentoring session and dinner for the finalists by selected Mandela Washington Fellows. “The 2018 finalists would be taking on-site the Ventures Platform, a tour of important places in Abuja and visits to selected Fellow’s start-ups and organizations. “Finalists would also attend an exclusive networking dinner alongside the YALI leadership Awardees and will be attended by Mandela Washington Fellows and representatives of other notable youth networks and organizations in Abuja. 

“The grand finale will hold during the young leaders’ assembly, and each of the 10 teams of finalists will be given 10 minutes each to present their business idea/project. “Judges would be Mandela Washington Fellows in the Business and Entrepreneurship track and winners would be selected based on the viability, feasibility and sustainability of the idea as well as audience votes. “Prizes will include a total grant of N400, 000 to the best 3 projects teams, access to three months mentoring from industry experts and Fellows, additional educational grants for each winning team member, award plaques, certificates for the Schools involved and Cash Prizes for the best Mentor/Teacher. 

“The Assembly will also feature the YALI Leadership Awards which aims to recognize, celebrate and encourage youths and individuals who are contributing immensely towards the pursuit of the sustainable development goals as well as youth and economic development in Nigeria. “Potential Awardees include YALI Network members, youth leaders across the country and some corporate Nigerians. The Awardees would be hosted in Abuja, with flights and accommodation paid for, would attend an exclusive networking dinner with Mandela Washington Fellows and other business and industry experts, they’ll be presented a plaque, certificate and YALI Network professional development materials. “The award process started with an online nomination method where individuals self-nominated or were nominated by people who trust them. The Nominees were then reviewed, investigated and selected, based on their level of evidence-based, demonstration of leadership and commitment to national and youth development through their different categories.”
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Friday, 21 September 2018

MUSIC: E'Gazi - Asa Di Mma (Prod. By A'Lupe)

The wait is finally over. E'Gazi drops the much anticipated song "Asa Di Mma" under the Magnificent Colony imprint. The hip-life mid tempo sound was Produced by A'lupe, (Loopsy) mixed and mastered by Fric P for Fric P Sounds. 

The song is already getting massive airplay across the south-eastern parts of the country and much love from mix tapes makers. E'gazi is here for the ladies containing subtle lyrics with some really cool lines that our women folks can vibe too. 

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MUSIC: Timeyin - "Sycamore"

Port Harcourt based female artiste cum Pharmacist, Timeyin is here again with another set of lines—you'll know what to expect, if you have heard her preceding songs. 

While we wait for one of her finest EP's from the south, Adam, the SheBoss—CEO of XcentricSway—has dished out "Sycamore" for warm ups. 

"When two opposites merge, the resulting unity is greater than the unity of one, that's why I intend to exhibit my three dimensional balance" - the SheBoss. 

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MUSIC: Dhe Miracle - "Heaven" (Banky W's Cover)

In anticipation of the release of this tune, we conducted an interview with this talented, and skilled songwriter, Miracle Edeh—who's popularly known as Dhe Miracle, and seldom times called Mimi Keys

This RnB melody is packaged with idea from Banky W's tune! He titled this one "Heaven", a Banky W cover. 

Music such as this is rare, listen and allow him show you how you can fall in love in heaven. 

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MUSIC: Tristan - Show Me

Klymax Entertainment front line artiste, Tristan has once again shown his commitment to making outstanding tunes. He titled this one "Show Me", listen and find out what exactly he wants you to show him. 

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“I Really Need To Learn How To Use ATM” – Tonto Dikeh Gives Up After Trials

Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh, better known as Tonto Dikeh, is a Nigerian actress, singer, and philanthropist.
Tonto recently posted on her Instastory how badly she needs to learn how to use the ATM and internet banking. Well its seems it didn’t turn out well as her ATM Card got hooked inside the machine.
She wrote;
“I really need to learn banking, HOW to use atm, how to transfer money via all means, HOW yo count money etc.. Gonna give this one last shot and I’m so done trying…

“Ok that didn’t  go well. ATM HAFF SWALLOW MY CARD”
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Thursday, 20 September 2018

“Most Artistes Today Don't Care About Lyrics” - PH Artiste, Dhe Miracle Talks Career In Anticipation Of His New Single

On this edition of our timeout with outstanding individuals in an interview session, we have Miracle Edeh with us. He's here to discuss career, and a little about himself. 

Here's the excerpt from the interview:

Okay. Welcome to our interview session, Mr Miracle!

Thank you! Good day!

How do you feel being here for this exclusive interview?

I feel excited, and a bit nervous!

We're glad you feel excited, but why are you nervous?

Yeah! cos' I really don’t know what to expect and as such, I’ll like to clear that my nervousness doesn’t imply fear!

Just take a deep breath, you'll be fine. So, tell us about yourself!

Alright! The brand is “dhe Miracle”, and the name behind the brand is Edeh Miracle; I’m a pianist from a gospel background who loves doing music not just for the fun of it, but I see it as a medium to cause people to relax and ease stress and also a tool to address present day situations!

That's great, so how about your locality, age, likes and dislikes?

Well, I’m 23 years old. I’m a native of Agbani, Nkanu West local government area of Enugu state.

I love playing with colors and I dress based on my mood. I wear dull colors when I’m sad. Ughh! I love good music, bad music is a huge turn off for me. That pretty much sums me up, musically. Lol!

So, you don't really have much dislikes, right?

Yeah! Apart from snitches and friends who back stab, I don’t have much dislikes.

Good to know, really good to know. Now, concerning music, how did you know music is the path for you?

Well! I discovered that whatever we all find ourselves doing that we find joy doing that’s our default path. Growing up, I never really knew how to sing. I started as a drummer but later got attracted to the Plano and grew in it over the years, later my voice started developing; it was forceful at first, but regular rehearsals and sleepless nights has brought me to where I am today!

Wow, that's really inspiring, I'm sure this will inspire a lot of them out there to pursue their dreams. What challenges did you face while developing the vocals, and which are you facing now?

Starting up — criticism, fanatics, mockery and all were around me. My parents were not at all encouraging at first, it was all about me being the bad kid in the hood, because I returned at late nights and I’m hardly home, I’m either at this rehearsals or the other or I’m at a studio, but they never cared to listen to that side of the story! Finance has always been a problem, sponsorships are hard to come by these days, so really pushing a song and getting heard all by yourself can be really frustrating, because all by yourself you can little or nothing to push the stuffs you have out there for the world to listen to and hear you!

Most of the times, if you’re not heard, you’re not known and if you’re not known, sponsorships may elude you, but how do you achieve all this as a starter? It all boils down to finance—money is a problem and a major challenge, but I’m coming out!

Close friends, parents, at first, won't be in full support, won't encourage you, until the results starts coming. The absence of money is only telling you that, there are potentials in you that need to come out the hard way. 

You'll get there. Which Nigerian artiste do you take after, when it comes to style of music?

Despite the recent trend in Nigerian Music, there’s a lady I respect so much, her name is ASA, then there came simi and took my heart away with her blend.

I love Dare art alade, Timi dakolo and lastly Adekunle gold,used to love 9ice too until he disappeared!

Dare art Alade? Do you mean Yemi Alade?

No! Dare art alade, the guy who sang “you’re not the girl I used to know, you’re a shadow of yourself ...” It used to be a one time hit. The guy who sang “Pray for me”

Oh! That's great! This really shows that you're about the RnB genre, right?

Yeap! And, a mixed flare of Fuji and Afro beat!

Your blend of RnB is out of this world, frankly speaking. So, if it weren't music what would you have ventured into?

Thanks! XclusiveVibes Nigeria, coming from you, I must say I’m humbled! Well, if it weren’t music, I probably would have ventured into art and creativity, I used to be that inclined as a growing kid!

Wow! But, you can still practice it once in a while! It's not everyday you're engaged, not so?

Yeap! The days I’m not engaged, I try to rest cause my body system reacts a lot to stress, I try my best to keep up!

Okay, that's understandable. Are you done with tertiary education?

Yes I am..

Tell us about it; when did you get admission? What course did you study?

Well, it wasn’t easy, so I had to go through the national open university and I studied computer engineering. I finished two years ago, but deferred service, because that’s not my dream course. I will still want to do my dream course thought, I’m thinking going back next year!

Incredible! But, are you sure going back to school is what you really want? Because, you can get your dream job with that course you graduated with. It's no doubt you have eyes on a kind of job.

Yeah! I’m aware, but what I want to study is just to find fulfillment!

Well, if that's what suit you. Any relationship?

Yeah! but, I’ll like to keep it discreet for now.

Okay, we respect your choice. What do you have to say about the lyrics artistes of today use in their songs?

Well, I don’t want to criticize, because I’m not there yet, artist today are like an already made brand; I’ll compare them to any other brand that has made their name over time, what they sell now is not quality but name.

Lyrics artistes use are no longer inspirational or soul mending, everyone is running to the dance hall where dancers in their high estate, they don’t care what lyrics are used as Long as d beat is danceable! Lol! And, I laugh.

Lol, you said it all, Sir. That's just the trend now, as long as the song is ShakuShakuable.

Lol! Exactly oh.

If you are given a good sum of money to promote yourself in the music industry, how will you spend it?

Wow! If I have such opportunity, I’ll boost my visibility by doing massive online promotions and get collaborations with radio stations and a television channel to constantly play my songs. I’ve discovered that unconsciously, people tend to love what they constantly hear and see around them! 

That's really a good plan, and discovery. Everything is possible, so keep pushing harder. What do you have to say to other fastrising act around?

Thanks, XclusiveVibes—I appreciate a lot.

They should not follow the trend, they should try and be the trend. You can beat it if you don’t join it

Great! Before we let you go, what will you do if you were given a contract to change the music industry, creating something new?

I’ll create a pattern by which every artistes songs must be reviewed before it hits the airwaves, there should be regulations to some kinds stuffs we listen to.

Superb! About your forthcoming single, tell us about it. What do you want us to expect? Which day is going to be available for downloads? Tell us about it.

The download date is this Friday, the 21st of September 2018 and I’ll want y’all to please go and download banky W’s version, I’m not hyping his, but download and listen to it then come back and listen to this, then you’ll thank me later, that’s all I have to say.


Say some words about XclusiveVibes Nigeria. Maybe, you can sing it.

Ok! quick one.
Haha! Awesome! 

You killed it. 
On this note, we draw the curtain of our interview session to a close. It's nice having you here!

Thanks, XclusiveVibes Nigeria! It was a pleasure.

Wait, are you the only child of your parents?

No! I’m the 1st son, second child outta a family of 5—3girls and two bois

Cool, really cool! Thanks for honouring our invitation.

Thanks for having me.

Do you desire to get an interview session such as this?

Send a mail across to us at:

Don't forget to attach 3-5 pictures of yours, a few details about you, and anything worth anticipating for. 

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Friday, 14 September 2018

MUSIC: Jorell Phil - Miracle

Port Harcourt based Songwriter, Jorell Phil finally releases the long awaited tune which he titled "Miracle".

He is proficient in the Afrobeat, RnB and Dancehall kind of music.

Download Below & Enjoy | Share | Drop Your Comments 

Download Jorell Phil - Miracle

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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

MUSIC: Chuvano Ft. Erigga & Kentee – Eba

H Money Business act Chuvano kickstart the month of September with a new single titled Eba.
The song also features; paperboi Erigga and raving singer Kentee, produced by Ozdbeat.

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MUSIC: Duncan Mighty Ft. Olamide – Blow Am

The rave moment “Duncan Mighty” also has one with the legendary Olamide tittled “Blow Am“.
The song doesn’t really have the attention it yearn for when released initially.
So at Naijaloaded, we believe it can do well now if we make it out Throwback music of this week.
So as it it now, we present to you Blow Am to you as our Throwback Music.

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MUSIC: Victor AD – No Idea

Victor AD ”Wetin We Gain” Crooner is out with another impressive jam titled ”No Idea” . 

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

US Ex-Senator Jon Kyl Named As Successor To McCain

Arizona’s governor on Tuesday named former US Senator Jon Kyl as the temporary successor to late senator John McCain, appointing a respected and powerful former Republican lawmaker to the post.
“There is no one in Arizona with the stature of Senator Jon Kyl. He is a man without comparable peer,” Governor Doug Ducey told reporters in Phoenix, with Kyl at his side.
“Senator Kyl is prepared to hit the ground running.”
Kyl, 76, was to fly to Washington to be sworn in possibly just days before a high-stakes Senate vote on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s pick to be the next US Supreme Court justice.
Ducey insisted his appointment was not political, despite Kyl working closely with the White House in recent months on getting Kavanaugh confirmed in the Senate, where Republicans hold a razor-thin one-vote majority.
“Now, senator Kyl can cast a vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”
Kyl, 76, served for 18 years alongside McCain in the Senate, until 2013, and said he would be “honored” to return to the chamber.
But he only committed to serve until January 2019, raising the prospect of requiring Ducey to again appoint a replacement until the seat is up for re-election in November 2020.
“I’m hoping that the senator will consider serving longer” than this year, Ducey said.
Widow Cindy McCain said it was a “great tribute” to her late husband that their close friend Kyl will return to public service by assuming McCain’s seat.
McCain died late last month at age 81 following a yearlong battle with brain cancer.
His funeral service Saturday at Washington National Cathedral was in many ways a stern rebuke of Trump, with presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama eulogizing McCain as an iconic statesman who embodied passionate but civil debate, bipartisan compromise and a commitment to American values.
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