Monday, 12 November 2018

20+ My Beautiful Friend Quotes

Most times, you get to discover the right friends, when you find yourself on the ground; these friends stretch an helping hand, rise you up, and still support you through life.

And, one beautiful thing about friends, who are real, is: they don't judge at all, they accept your personality, they accept your flaws, they accept your inabilities.

Can one define life without true friendship? Incomplete, right? Yes, incomplete.

No matter how you claim to be closemouthed, there's a part of you which needs a friend around, that you can't deny. 

Finding someone who sees the best within you, even amidst your inabilities, someone who sees perfection, even in the midst of the numerous mistakes you make — isn't an easy adventure; rather it's synonymous to searching for a little stone inside a bag filled with rice.

If you already have found a honest, true, real and incredible friend, you are very lucky. 

This article holds my beautiful friend quotes, quotes suitable for sending across to that special friend to show how much you value them. 

You may say "my beautiful friend", but do you have the right words to help you form "my Beautiful friend quotes"? Well, we have them all lined up for you.

Still there? 

20+ My Beautiful Friend Quotes

• I place value on the friend who searches for time on his calendar just to be with me, but I so much cherish, and adore that friend who doesn't need to check through his calendar just to be with me.

• True love means, in all circumstances, you must try to make your self available for that one you love; if you seldomly make yourself available for that one you love, it really isn't true love.

• When you're going into friendship, don't rush it, go in very slowly; and when you're in it, move on in it, in a firm and constant manner.

• The word friendship comes into its perfect essence — in other words, it gets life — when this is said from either party to the other: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one”!

• Do you want to know when you're actually in true friendship? It's in those tough, hard, and sad moments. But, the only time your friends will know you, is when you are flourishing.

• Several amount of people cherish the luxurious life with you, but when you can't live that life again, how many of them will still stick around? What you actually need, is that person who'll still want to be around you in such times.

• Okay! Try this: involve yourself in a purported scandal; or be involved in a real scandal. Afterwards, you will know your true friends, because most wouldn't stay with you through it.

• When you face appears dirty, it's only your true friend who will reveal it to you!

• The simplest thing to do for your friend is nothing but be his friend.

• There's one very important thing I have observed in true friendship; it deals with people who are capable of growing separately, but not growing apart in any way.

• You see people they call best friends? They really don't need to always, every minutes, talk to each other. And, yes! They don't need to talk to each other every day. And, they also don't need to talk to each other for weeks. But, the moment they do, it's as if they should never stop talking. True friendship is incomparable.

• The only time a true friend gets in the way is only at that moment you are going down. Aside from that, true friends never get in the way.

• The normal friends listen to what you speak of, but a special thing about best friends is, they listen to that which you don't speak of at all.

• The greatest antidote — or should it be called one the greatest? — for over twenty enemies is one friend, not just a friend, but a friend you can tag “a best friend”!

• The only friends, who will laugh at your jokes the days they are not so funny, are your best friend, or they could also be called 'loyal friends'. And, these loyal friends relates and show sympathy with your problems, even when the problems are not worth the so much sympathy.

• One of the hardest puzzle to fix is finding a great friend; and when found, it's really hard to let them go; and if anything push you into letting them go, it's really an impossible task to forget them.

• The friends, who matter a lot, are the ones you think about that minute you open your eyes from sleep in the morning, and not just do you think about them, you also call them.

• Do you know that your time is your life? Yes, it is! That's the reason why you give it to anybody you find special in your life — that's the greatest gift you can offer. Friendship needs the persons involved to time conscious, not time conscious because the time will be wasted, but time conscious based on investing it — time — in the other person.

• The only thing, which acts the role of what the cement does to blocks, is friendship. It's seen as a cement because it holds the world together.

• In all your doings, make sure you never leave a friend behind. The real friends we keep are the ones who help us in times of adversity. So, it's important that you have them in mind all the time.

• Friendship is not classified as one of the hardest thing to explain, it's the hardest thing to explain. Friendship's true essence can't be explained in schools. If you haven't gotten a good understanding of what Friendship entails, you really haven't learnt anything.

• One of the nicest things you can have around is a friend; and a friend is also the one of the best things you can be.

With these quotes above, it's no doubt that you can ignite that burning fire signifying true friendship. Friendship is a beautiful thing, these "my beautiful friend quotes" reminds that special friend of yours how valuable friendship is.
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Friday, 9 November 2018

MUSIC: Loyznatty - Ina The Benz (Yung6ix Cover)

Fast-rising PH City based Songwriter, Loyznatty jumps on the "Ina The Benz" tune by Yung6ix. He refines it into something worth listening on repeat everyday. 

Just maybe, Yung6ix should have featured Loyznatty in the initial one, the refix is too superb. 

Pick your headset; Loyznatty flows on this one he also titled "Ina The Benz" remix, Yung6ix Cover.

Download Below & Enjoy | Share | Drop Your Comments

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Top 5 REASONS Why Side Chicks Are Dating Married Men

The world today is filled with people, known in Africa as Slay Queens, who never debunk their identity as side chicks. 

Slay Queens are girls who form what they are not; they take selfies in front of materials they can't afford, even one-third of it; they are about the likes, and fake social Media presence; etc.

Undoubtedly, most of you can't understand what a side chick means, right? Well, in layman terms, side chicks are females concerned about just getting intimate with married men, without harbouring the thought of their engagement.

Furthermore, it's plausible to say, circumstances can contribute immensely to causing, behind these girls, a push into such act; but, that's no enough reason to delve.

In this article, we'll be touching about 5 relatable reasons why those who we termed as "side chicks" date married men.

Why side chicks are dating married men!

Okay, try! Can you think of any reason? What first came to your mind on why side chicks are dating married men is money, right? You're correct! But, that's just one it.

Still there? Let's disclose to you the five.

The 5 REASONS Why Side Chicks Are Dating Married Men

1. MONEY: Even in the Bible, it's known that money is the root of, not some evil, all evil. The Bible was careful enough to State the word "all" clearly. That's exactly why this one tops the reasons why side chicks are dating married men.

To dive more into this, financial insufficiency surges up frustration, depression, thereby leaving girls with no choice but to opt-in for this illicit act. Most — who indulge in such — are students, students with parents, who strive relentlessly, in the midst of little, just to make sure their children excel.

In relation to the above paragraph, money is the leading reason, because as we have already stated, it's the root of all evil.

2. Genuine Feelings, Without Being Aware Of The Marital Status: Some girls naturally generate feelings for older men. The chemistry behind that is one which hasn't been explained yet.

These side chicks most times obliterate any thought of going for younger guys, they find much interest in older men; sometimes, they don't have the knowledge about the older men they meet, whether they could be married men or not.

So, over time, the feelings increase to the extent that it becomes inherent, so saying YES to advances for a relationship would be sure.

3. To Meet With Maturity: The side chicks meet married men, also, because of maturity. They'll say, "these guys in their 20s act childish, they can't give me what I need". That lead them into finding a married man, older one, to satisfy their needs, since the ones who are not married couldn't do it.

Is maturity really rated through age? The bold answer to this question is NO! But, the side chicks think meeting a married man will quench their quest to come across someone who's matured.

This, to some side chick, leads them into dating married men.

4. To Have Good Sex: Here's another crucial reason why side chicks are dating married men. As we all know, sex is a tool used to practice many heinous activities.

The Crux is, these side chicks think they can, when it's done with a married man, get good sex. But, it boils down to the mindset of these girls, most of them don't hold in their head anything reasonable.

Well, as it was stated in one of the reasons above, they may not be aware of the man's marital status, so they, without a good knowledge, indulge for satisfaction with a married man.

5. To Meet With People Who Know The THING: This section of the reasons why side chicks are dating married men doesn't, in anyway, justifies the fact that these side chicks are ignorant of the marital status.

Here, they purposely and intentionally run into the arms of married men, because they feel he knows the THING.

When we say "know the thing", we mean the married men know how to satisfy them in bed, spend exorbitantly on them, take care of them, and the likes.

These are what the side chicks perceived before shooting their shots.

Remember, girls are termed "side chick" when they meddle around married men, go intimate with them. In other words, date them.

The number 1 reason, which is money, rules the rest. When girls face lack and inferiority, to try to meet up, they look around for the available wealthy married man to hook up with.

Other reasons are also valid, too. Amidst these reasons why side chicks are dating married men, the one thing, which was missing in it, is: it's not good to be a side chick, the act that makes you to bear that name is just a seed sown, and we know the harvest.

Is that even a reason? :) 

Thanks for reading!
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JUST In: Many Feared Dead, Several Injured In Port Harcourt Car Clash

A horrific accident, which claimed a few lives, occured this morning at Mandela Car wash in Port Harcourt.

Reports just reached us, XclusiveVibes Metro, that some persons are in search of Adams & Barr. John Eke. If you have substantial information about them, please send across to us at

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

A Little To Know About This PH City Artiste, XBlaze

Port Harcourt based prolific rapper, XBlaze who recently collaborated with most coveted PH City artiste, Gthree Mayami, to release the tune which he titled "Maris". 

For some of you who are eager to know a thing or two about XBlaze, that's the main focus of this article, so grab a cup of coffee and continue reading.

XBlaze is his stage name, the name given to him by his parents is, Okedimma Mark Chinonso. He hails from Imo State.

The Afrobeat and Dance Hall act — Afrobeat & DanceHall, the genres which he does — XBlaze made his debut, last year, with the track he titled "Lagos"; did we just forget to say he's a talented rapper?  Yes! He kills beats, too. He strive tirelessly to be like top notch artistes namely Ycee, Burna Boy, Peruzzi and the likes.

In the City of Port Harcourt, XBlaze is one artiste who you need to watch out for. Don't say you weren't told.
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Nigerian Man R*pes 9-Year-Old Girl To Death

The police have detained one Eedee Tombari at the Rivers State Command of the Criminal Investigation Department, for allegedly r*ping a nine-year-old girl to death.
The suspect is said to have committed the crime at a Church in along Lepne Street in Bori, the headquarters of Khana Local Government Area of the state when the mother of the victim, Eedeebari Littia Gonis-Kogbara took her for a church programme.
The 23-year old Tombari is alleged to have dumped the remains of his victim behind the church’s fence after he had discovered that the little girl had died.
DAILY POST gathered that the suspect was first arrested by detectives attached to Bori Area Command who later transferred him to State Criminal Investigation Department where he is currently undergoing investigation.
Chairperson of the Rivers State chapter of the Federation of International Women Lawyers, Antonia Osademe, commended security operatives for their quick intervention and vowed to prosecute the matter to the end.
Earlier in an interview with newsmen, the father of the victim, Pastor Peter Gonis Kogbara called on well-meaning Nigerians to come to his aid and ensure that justice prevails on the matter.
“I just hope that the Police will not kill this matter. We don’t know anybody apart from God.
“People should please help us look into the matter and allow justice to prevail,” he said.

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MUSIC: Masterkraft & Cuppy – Charged Up

Versatile Nigerian Producer Masterkraft links up with DJ & Pioneer Cuppy for new song dubbed Charged Up, The new song was lead by DJ Cuppy herself who is expected to drop Burnt Dodo featuring Black Diamond Boss Wande Coal this Friday.
Charged Up was laced with Popular South African Gqom Beat, The song was produced by Masterkraft himself.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mike Godson Signs Deal With Bollywood, Set To Feature In Zee World

Nollywood actor Mike Godson signed a new deal with India movies known as Bollywood.

He's set to feature in popular tv series zee world. He announced this on his page recently. Nolywood actors are going places.

Who else is proud of them?

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"Herdsmen Chase, Attack & Rape Us; Say All Lands Belong To Buhari" - Delta Women

EWU — WOMEN of flood-ravaged Ewu-Urhobo community, Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State, have cried out that suspected herdsmen attack, rape and chase them away from their farmlands.

The women alleged that the armed herdsmen often claimed that all lands in the country belonged to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The women, who laid siege to the Ewu-Edjokota Road, penultimate Monday, as early as 6.00 am, alleged that the armed herdsmen, who take turns to defile them and maim those that refuse to yield to their lustful desires, feed their herds with their farm produce.

Besides attacking them in the farms, they further alleged that the herdsmen usually laid ambush and robbed traders going to local markets of their goods and flee into the bush.

Herdsmen grazing their cows in my farm attacked me — Atigogo

Recounting her ordeal to Vanguard, Madam Felicia Atigogo stated that she was attacked at her farm by two herdsmen when she tried to stop them from grazing their herds on her cassava farm.

“Owing to the flood that ravaged our community, I acquired another plot of land on lease only for the farm to be invaded by herds that were shepherd into the farm by these herdsmen.

“When I accosted them and tried to stop them from grazing their herd on my cassava, they brought out daggers and machetes and attacked me. I was lucky to have fled away.”

What triggered protest

One of the ladies in the community was not as lucky as Madam Atigogo as she died from wounds inflicted on her by herdsmen, who attacked her in her farm and tried to rape her.

A villager simply identified as Mama Ufuoma told NDV that her death sparked the latest protest.

“She was at her farm with one of her children weeding unknown to them that a group of herdsmen were within the vicinity. The herdsmen immediately pounced on her and tried to rape her.

“While trying to resist them amidst screams, they attacked her with their machetes leaving deep cuts on her and fled into the bush when people came to the scene. She was rushed to the hospital after losing a lot of blood, but died at the hospital,” she said.

They impudently claim Buhari owns all lands

– Woman leader

Woman leader of the community, Mrs. Queen Dieseruvwe, stated that the herdsmen now operate with effrontery, telling them that “all lands in Nigeria, including our communal lands belong to President Muhammadu Buhari.”

“They also claim that we have no rights to prevent them from grazing on our farms because President Muhammadu Buhari owns all the land in Nigeria, hence we cannot claim ownership of the land.

“They uproot our cassava, feed it to their herds and when you try to resist them, they attack you with machete and maim you if you are lucky as some others, or even shoot you.

“So, this is the reason we have barricaded the road as all efforts to reach the governor, police and other security agencies to evict these evil herdsmen from our community have been futile,” she explained.

…accuse Delta govt of neglect

Dieseruvwe also accused the Delta State government of allegedly neglecting the community, especially when their farmlands were destroyed by flood, saying, “This is not about politics of PDP or APC as we are here for the benefit of our community and we won’t leave until these herdsmen are ejected from our farms.”

“We have a government, but we do not feel its impact. How will representatives of the government feel if their wives, sisters and daughters are raped by herdsmen?

“Our farmlands and crops were destroyed as a result of the increase in water level, now we decided to get new locations in the upland only for us to be attacked by these herdsmen, who have been a big problem to us for the past 15 years.

Vehicular movement grounded

Findings by NDV showed that all forms of vehicular movement on the Ewu-Edjokota Road, the only access route linking over 14 communities in Ughelli North and Ughelli South local government areas were grounded as a result of the protest.

The women erected a barricade across the road with woods and set bonfire on both sides of the road, making it impossible to go around the blockade, while three canopies were assembled on the road, where they sat and danced to music blaring from a Disc Jockey.

Commuters were forced to abort their journey at the spot and trek long distance after maneuvering the blockade to the other side of the road where they board commercial motorcycles, popularly known as Okada to continue their trip.

…resist LGA chairmen, Army’s efforts to clear barricade

Efforts by the Ughelli South local council Chairman, Dr. Richard Kofi, his Ughelli North counterpart, Godwin Adode, the Ovie of Ogor kingdom, HRM Okiemute Igere I, and military operatives from the 222 Battalion, Agbarha-Otor to dismantle the barricade were fruitless, as the women insisted the only condition to evacuate the road was immediate eviction of all herdsmen from the area.

We’re doing everything to fish out perpetrators—Muslim community

Condemning the attacks on the women, leader of the Muslim community in Ughelli South, Imam Muhammad Okotie, said: “The Muslim community condemns these attacks and we are doing everything to ensure that these bad herdsmen are brought to book. We are also trying to make sure that Muslims in the area leave in harmony with the locals.”
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Two Nigerian Men Arrested In Cambodia For Fighting On The Street

 Two Nigerian men were arrested on Monday, November, 5, for fighting on the street of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

According to reports, the two Nigerian men alongside one other black man were engaged in a fight when locals called the police. The third man managed to escape while the duo were arrested and sent to immigration department  for interrogation.

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Fans Beg DJ Cuppy To Quit Music And Enjoy Her Burnt Dodo Alone (Photos)

Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy fried dodo and it got burnt and she’s set to drop new music, but fans are advising her to quit music and enjoy her burnt dodo alone.
She caption; New music coming… EVERYWHERE BURNT DODO! #ToCuppyThisTune

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First Two Muslim Women Elected To US Congress (Photo)

NOVEMBER 7, 2018

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar both made history Tuesday by winning their elections and becoming the first Muslim women to be elected to the U.S. Congress. 

Tlaib won the congressional seat for Michigan’s 13th district after former Representative John Conyers abruptly stepped down following sexual harassment allegations, leaving the seat vacant. 

The Palestinian-American Muslim ran under the Democratic Party, having previously served six years in the state legislature. With no Republican opponent, Tlaib defeated Etta Wilcoxon of the Green Party and Sam Johnson of the Working Class Party. 

“Why am I running? Because this is about electing the jury to impeach @POTUS and I will make a heck of juror,” Tlaib said in a tweet aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump. 

Tlaib campaigned on a platform that advocated for a $15 minimum wage, free public college tuition and ending corporate welfare. 

A proud Palestinian, Tlaib has also been an advocate for Palestinian rights and is an outspoken critic of Trump. 

“Congratulations to my sister @RashidaTlaib on your victory! I cannot wait to serve with you, inshallah,” Omar, who also won her election, said on Twitter. 

The seat Omar won, Minnesota’s 5th district, was formerly held by Rep. Keith Ellison, who was the first Muslim to take a seat in Congress. Ellison did not run for re-election as he sought the state attorney generalship. 

Omar, another Democrat, is a Somali-American who came to the U.S. over two decades ago as a refugee. She campaigned on a progressive platform and won the endorsement of the Democratic Party’s fledging progressive wing, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

She ran against and defeated Republican candidate Jennifer Zielinski, becoming the first congresswoman to wear a hijab. This year, a record 90 Muslims were contesting in the polls since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, according to Jetpac, an organization that helps Muslims run for political office. 

Six Muslims ran for political office at the national level. Aga Khan, Omar Qudrat and Mahmoud Mahmoud all ran for a seat in the House of Representatives but fell short of their goals.
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Man Battles For Life As School Fence Collapse On Him In Aba

A yet-to-be identified man is said to be battling for survival in an undisclosed private hospital in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia State after part of the Ihieorji Secondary School’s fence along College collapsed on him.
The incident, our reporter gathered occurred Monday evening while the victim and other passerby’s were on their way to their homes at the close of market.
It was gathered that blocks from the fence broke the man’s two legs as he was still unconscious at the time he was rushed to the hospital by early callers to the scene.
An eyewitness who gave his name as Ugochukwu told our reporter that the number of casualty would have been much if the incident happened during the rush hour.
According to the eyewitness, before the unfortunate incident, part of the school wall had started cracking while the school frequently carryout menial repair work until it finally collapsed.
“The man and two other persons; a man and a woman were passing the area when someone who was far but noticed that the fence moved screamed which got them running. But while others were still wondering why they were asked to run, the man adamantly went back to same spot apparently to check for himself why they were asked to run only for the entire block to collapse on him.
“It took intervention of people who were around, that did all that they could to pull him out of the block and when they eventually did, his two legs were already broken while he has remained unconscious.
“We thank God that this thing didn’t happen when people are coming back from market, if not, the casualty would have been much.
“The wall has been cracking and the school has been doing their best in patching the cracked wall. What we are wondering is why he would want to go back to the wall after running away with a man and woman after the alarm was raised?
“We are afraid if he will survive it going by the impact of the incident on him.”
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VIDEO: EVIL Housemaid Killed 1 & 4 Hospitalized After Poisoning Their Food For Not Giving Him Vegetable (EFO)

Na make God just dey watch over us ooo 😳😳
A Nigerian woman has died and her grandchildren currently battling for dear life after their housemaid poisoned their vegetable soup.
According to a video that is now viral, the girl identified as Taibat, said she poisoned the food because they refused to give her out of the soup as a punishment for stealing crayfish.
When further probed, she said the victims started purging and vomiting, shortly after consuming the poison. The suspect, who said the sight made her happy, added that she thought the herbicide would only make the soup bitter.
Watch the Videos below as the House-girl confessed HERE
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“Can I Use My Tooth For Blood Money?” – BBNaija’s Ahneeka Asks (Photo)

It looks like Former BBNaija Housemate, Ahneeka is in need of quick money.
The Former 2018 BBNaija Housemate, Ahneeka took to her Instagram story to ask a question about she removed her tooth.
She shared a photo of her removed tooth and asked if she can use them for blood money.
See below:-

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Early

The desires of some persons today is getting married at their 30s, because of the consciousness of their current financial status; while some push it to such age, because of lost interest in marriage after seeing a lot of failed marriages.

The pressure exerted by family could lead one to get married against his/her volition in an early age, but such reason won't give early marriage a complete relevance. Most a times, the marriage made vivacious following the influence of parents — providing a wife or a husband — tends to last for only a short while.

Moreover, the watch word in a marriage should be "Love", and not always the words from parents, guardians, and relations.

These reasons on why you should marry early are applicable to persons who feel there's a right time for getting married, persons who dwell in the norm of tying the knot in their 30s, and the likes.

Still glued? There's more!

If the question, "why you should marry early..." is thrown at you to convey an answer suitable to enlighten others, too; what would it be?

Not definite with your answers, right? 

But, do you know that getting married early gives you the privilege to still act a youth with your partner?

Well, without stretching it further, let's delve into the reasons why you should marry early. Get ready to bookmark this after reading.


1. Safer Pregnancy For Women In Their 20s

Early marriage didn't just come into existence without it popping as an idea in either someone's mind or the mind of a group of people. A woman in her 20s is prone to higher fertility and safer pregnancy.

Do you know that the marriage at an early age let you in on some more things based on this reason why you should marry early?

Yes, it also guarantees a higher percentage assurance of having a baby. Let's not deny the fact that hoping into late marriage has its conspicuous disadvantage, to justify early marriage — older women in older marriages are more vulnerable to complications in pregnancies, or sometimes miscarriages.

2. Spend More Time With Each Other

There's something about the younger couple, if it's called something unique, it'll suit, right?

Well, that thing is, young couples don't get forced to witness the cry of a baby, months after tying the knot. The early marriage helps them, before reproducing, to have a good understanding about each other.

It's imperative that you spend quality time with your partner, in order to know if you didn't make mistakes in your choice.

Family planning alongside savings of money won't be poking you, because there will still be time to treat it.

3. Creates Flexibility & Open Minds To Compromise

It's not just squarely about bearing the tag, husband and wife; it goes far beyond that. A marriage approaching perfection — though perfection can't be ascribed to anything — cuts across the presence of individuals who are best friends, in other words, companions.

In a marriage, it's a necessity that compromise is observed to its last ounce. These will teach you how to live in adulthood, and not just that, you would be more flexible.

Both of you being compatible arises after a proper adherence to having quality time to adjust to each other's weakness and flaws. 

The worst mistake anybody shouldn't think of making is going into a serious relationship of a lifetime without having a clear understanding of the other person involved.

4. You Grow Together

This is really a special one of them all. After you get married in an early age, you begin the journey — which ends only through death — where your growth and the growth of your partner go together. If you tie the knot at an older age, you grow together for a short while alone, quality time won't be spent.

Starting at a younger age, especially at the 20s — on the long run — makes you see him/her as your biological brother/sister.

Furthermore, the growth doesn't only touch age wise, it also touches areas like academics, finance, health, in physique pursuits and whatnot. There's nothing compared to growing in what you love doing with someone very dear to you.

The expertise of both persons differs. 

When life shoots in a certain difficulty, the bond, which the togetherness has created, helps you to live happily still amidst it.

5. Cheap Weddings Are Expected

In the preparation of a marriage between the younger ones, financial status is considered. Why is it considered? Because they are just getting into the marriage, and the presence of substantial amount of money has to be.

Exorbitant weddings are not really selected by persons in their 20s. 

A 23 year old boy, Andrew (surname withheld) found his life partner, and decided to spend the rest of his life with her. They began the preparations, but something went wrong: he couldn't proceed with it all, because of the requirements by his fiancee's family; he had to pause the whole wedding and address that.

The soon-to-be wife was willing, but her parents were against it. That shows that younger persons don't mind having a cheap marriage, other than the older ones.

6. Most Achievements Between You Both

Unlike people who get married late — people who put in a lot of effort for achievements — the people who get at an early age invest efforts and time to achieving goals, and still remain young to celebrate those goals.

And, going over the process again will still find them young. The goals don't involve that of finance, it's also in health, sports and the likes.

7. Enjoy More Sex

This last reason why you should marry early is likely to be an area of attraction the most. When you get married in an early age, you have enough days as that young fellow to enjoy the sex with your partner as often as you want it.

The above stated reasons why you should marry early holds certain major facts; today, people really don't plan their lives, when it's late already they use the words, “I'll get married after 30 years,” to give excuses for their approach to life.

Don't get the whole concept wrong, life is mainly about choice, and how those choices can make positive impact in one's life. Apart from people who couldn't meet up life expectancies, there are others who rely on what they want for themselves.
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Monday, 5 November 2018

MUSIC: Sunnyblinks - Soco (Cover) | @sunnyblinks3

Music alert from SunnyBlinks titled “Soco”, SunnyBlinks is out again this time with a world class hit single Soco cover. Soco by SunnyBlinks is just that kind of tune you would probably love to listen to.

Download Below & Enjoy | Share | Drop Your Comments

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All You Should Know About The Sweet Mouth Fair 2018 (Full Details)

One of the things that attracts people is food; especially when it's served in different delicacies and styles.

Port Harcourt approaches that very day to experience moments worth making history, and it's about a brand which has its focus pointed at giving a difference with food.

Introducing, The Sweet Mouth Fair; to further delve into details about it, Sweet Mouth Fair is a hangout — as the name implies, it's also a Fair — which sole aim points at displaying varieties with evident difference.

In addition, the varieties are of everything sweet ranging from pastries, cakes, cocktails, mocktails, yoghurt, ice cream and whatnot.

This brand, Sweet Mouth Fair 2018, will make its debut on the chart of existence — it's about to be on its maiden edition.
Here's further details about it:
The Sweet mouth fair is a hangout/fair, which is aimed at promoting and showcasing the Rich and unique varieties of everything thing sweet ranging from cakes, pastries, cocktails, mocktails, yoghurt, ice cream, etc. 
The Sweet mouth fair 2018 being the maiden edition, is a two day event with the first day being made for the EXPO and CONFERENCE where exhibitors gather to discuss topics and challenges they are facing in thier various businesses and resources person there to give them advice on what to do and how to change it. 
The second day is the trade Fair where vendors exhibit and display thier unique and creative items. 
The location of this event is OMAS COTTAGE, plot 7 Sani Abacha Road , G. R. A phase 3 in portharcourt Rivers State. The event promises to engage over 20 different SMEs and thier different displays of Sweet mouth items, the Fair will have at least 2,000 food lovers in attendance from all around the nation to come appreciate and buy at very subsidized rates.
Sweet Mouth Fair, with its motto as "For the Love of anything sweet," won't request for a dime for gate fee, gate fee is completely free.

Time: 10am

Venue: Plot 7 Sani Abacha Road, G. R. A phase 3, portharcourt, Rivers State.

For further enquires:
Call - 07032412133, 07019351365
On Instagram, it's Sweet Mouth Fair!

Come and experience the best varieties!
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